Ski Bunny ūüźį

Welcome to the town of Breckenridge!  The town was still decorated with lights and Christmas decorations which was perfect for our trip!  As part of our Christmas presents, my parents bought my brother and I a ski trip!  We found amazing fares on Frontier airlines for $32 one way Рthe catch was, we left Cincinnati at 5:20am on Weds and left Denver at 7:20pm on Saturday.  We all chuckled at how we left for the airport at 2:30am and then returned home from the airport also at 2:30am Рcrazy how that worked out, right?!

With my dad being from Colorado, I’ve only been skiing in CO.¬† This was my 4th time and¬†I was¬†still pretty nervous.¬† The blue runs are probably equal to the black diamonds in Ohio!¬†Even though it was cold in CO, it wasn’t very windy so, with all of my layers, I was able to stay warm while skiing all day.¬†

I fell a lot!¬† It wasn’t graceful and it wasn’t pretty, but it was fun!¬† I mean, my legs were twisted and pointing in ways they shouldn’t!¬† So thankful I didn’t report back to work on Monday in a body cast…

If you’re planning a trip to Breckenridge ever, the top 5 things to do (other than ski, duh):
1. SHOP – be a tourist and buy the Breck March (especially at the Glass Art Company)
2. Wait in line for Cr√™pes a La Cart – I know it’s cold, but they have a fire pit so if you’re in a group, you can trade off who waits in line and who stays warm by the fire
3. Ride the Gondola – It’s not heated, but it keeps out the cold air and seats 8 people.¬† Plus, it’s FREE
4.¬† Make dinner reservations (We wanted to try Canteen but it’s so small inside and we didn’t have a reservation so we left to find another place.¬† But every place was just as busy.¬† After an hour of walking outside and being tired and hungry, I think we all got a little cranky ūüôĀ
5.¬† Rent a condo with a hot tub – that’s the perfect way to end a day of skiing, I promise!!

This isn’t a what would Kiki wear post, but I wanted to share my pictures from the trip!¬† I was bundled up under layers of sweaters, scarf, and pomp beanies!¬† But what better way to start the new year and motivate my to¬†continue blogging¬†than having one of my pictures reposted on Instagram?¬† The first photo above was reposted by Colorado Activities on their website and their Instagram (Colorado Activities).¬†

A Pop of Red….it’s the holiday season!


I love this scarf!!!¬† It’s sold out almost everywhere so most sellers raised the prices to something astronomical.¬† I¬†came close to opening my wallet and punching in my credit card number….or even worse, signing into pay pal – one click and that scarf would be mine, all mine!¬† After clearing my head, I¬†signed into eBay and¬†purchased¬†it for the very affordable price of $12.99 – then waited almost two months for it to ship from China, ha!
I’m still learning how to wear it around without it feeling like a neck brace.¬† Does anyone else feel a little restricted with their head movements?¬† It’s especially difficult to drive in –¬†When I¬†need to merge right, I try to turn my head, but my whole body moves instead, which also pulls my car to the right – watch out on those Columbus highways, people! Sooo, that’s dangerous…
Moving on…..¬†Being the holiday season, I wanted to keep it neutral but play on the red in the scarf.¬† I wore this cream sweater and paired it with olive jeans which also match the scarf.¬† Add my¬†favorite brown booties with the glitz and the glam on the heel and a red winter headband and red lips to complete the look!

Scarf – eBay
Sweater – H&M
Pants – Marshall’s
Booties – DSW
Headband – Forever 21