A Bathrobe as Public Attire?

Every time I wear this cardigan in public, I always feel like I’m in my robe. It’s comfy, it’s warm, and it’s fashionable – just like my bathrobe 😉
I love the aztec print of this cardigan. The colors are beautiful and the best part is, it was a sample sale item so I didn’t pay close to what the tag said. Winning! I stayed with the neutral pallette but did add a necklace to bring out more colors.  I can’t wait to style this sweater again.  I love the blue threads hidden amongst the aztec print.
I’m guilty of wearing leggings every chance I get.  It was a no brainer to pair them with this long sweater. For extra warmth, I also paired my olive leggings with legwarmers and boots.
How about the beautiful artwork in the background?  It’s a mural in my hometown behind the hotel I used to work at.  I have no information on who painted it or who the people in the mural represent, but it’s beautiful. Thank you, mystery artist, for painting a perfect background for my photo shoot! 
P.s. I can’t help but break into song whenever I see it… “there goes the baker with his tray, like always…” If you grew up a disney princess fan, then you know where I’m going with that 😉
Aztec sweater – Hollister
Shirt – Marshalls
Leggings – Forever 21
Boots – DSW
Leg warmers – DSW
Necklace – DSW
Watch – Michael Kors

Faux Fur + Floppy Fedora = Bohemian-Chic

This fall has been all about faux fur and it’s a great transition into winter, as well!  I’ve always like fur, but it hasn’t always been in style.  About three years ago, I purchased a black fur vest from New York and Company, wore it for a season and then BAM – fur is out.  This is why I’m a clothes hoarder – trends come and go too quickly.  I still have my black vest and now, I’ve added this brown vest from Forever 21 to my wardrobe, too!

I scored this floppy felt hat at the DSW sample sale – $1 – HOLLA!  It was probably my favorite find from this year.  It’s the cherry on top to the outfit, if you will.

The horizontal strips on my top paired nicely with the horizontal stripes on my vest.  I completed my look with a statement necklace, jeggings and over the knee boots for extra warmth (You can still see snow in the background. I mean, it’s Ohio, so it was warm this day, but not THAT warm..).

What are some of your favorite bohemian looks?

Hat – DSW
Faux fur vest – Forever 21
Striped shirt – Zara
Necklace – Francesca’s
Jogging – NY and Company
Boots – DSW
Watch – Michael Kors

Demin + Lace at the Opry

The only time that I am organized is when it comes to packing!  I keep a detailed document on my phone with outfits I want to wear for upcoming trips.  It’s pretty aggressive, I know.  I mean, these notes start as soon as I know I’m booking a trip.  So, the first items that came to mind when I received an invitation to a wedding in Nashville were – COWGIRL BOOTS

I picked up these boots on the clearance rack at DSW.  My favorite part? THE HEEL.  I know that isn’t the purpose of having cowgirl boots, but I’m pretending to be a country girl, so these are perfect for me! I thought boots were a smart and versatile choice for Nashville.  Wrong!  Only tourists wear boots around the town!

I’d been to Nashville once before, but it was my boyfriend’s first time.  We each got to pick one attraction to see: He chose Gruhn’s Guitar and I chose the Grand Ol’ Opry!  I scheduled our tour for Friday, the day we arrived.  I definitely recommend this tour to everyone!  So much history at the opry.  They take you through the dressing rooms and let you poke around – “That green chair you’re sitting on?  Johnny Cash used to sit there playing his guitar.”  My favorite show, Nashville, on ABC has a display at the Opry.  I freaked out when I saw it.  I was the only person on the tour that watched the show!  Bummer.

The last leg of the tour, the guide takes you to the stage.  In the center of the stage is a photo op.  Once everyone had their photos taken, the most amazing thing happened!  The tour guide asked if any of us could sing.  Without skipping a beat, my boyfriend pointed at me and yelled, “SHE CAN!”  The mics were off and there wasn’t anyone else in the Opry, but I stood front and center and belted out the first verse of the song my boyfriend and I wrote together – video last posted HERE.  It all happened pretty quickly, but I’m honored to stand on that stage and sing where so many legends have been before!

Denim Shirt – Abercrombie
Shorts – Nordstrom Rack
Boots – DSW
Necklace – Francesca’s
Watch – Michael Kors