What I wore in Martha’s Vineyard

Our week long vacation to Martha’s Vineyard consists mostly of going to the beach and hanging out at the house. Max & I always do one date night and we’re able to continue that tradition again, even though our daughter was with us (grandparents make the best babysitters 🤣)

Outfits inspo included in this post: travel outfit, brunch date, beach day, mommy and me matching (a must whether you’re on vacation, or not), and date night.

Travel outfit: This was our first long road trip with a baby. In fact, our one year old has never been in the car longer than a 1.5 hour stretch! We expected the worst, packed enough snacks, activities, and coco melon songs to make it straight through! I knew I’d be splitting my time in the passenger seat but also crammed in the back with Olivia to keep her busy. I needed comfort but was struggling to look cute once we reached Woods Hole and would be grabbing dinner/drinks at The Lookout Restaurant. This chambray jumpsuit was the answer! It is a jumpsuit and there are buttons, which cuts into your time at a rest stop. But, it’s functional and adorable! Paired with a white bralette for comfort and a headband turban for fashion.

Brunch outfit: another tradition I’ve made on the island, is to grab an açaí bowl from Blissed Out MV. I’ve been stopping here for years and more recently, they’ve added the cutest patio. Bright and colorful and tables are pretty available since we hit the towns on the “rainy” days. This white shirt dress from Petal and Pup has been sold out for awhile. As soon as it restocked, I jumped on the opportunity. Three quarter length sleeves, ruffle hem, and v neck make this the perfect style for summer! I loved pairing it with a straw hat from a local island hat boutique and fun sandals. You can also peep my straw purse! It’s been the best summer purse and it’s such a statement piece that it always gets a compliment!

Beach Day: This polka dot one piece is the Pink Lily x Caitlin Covington collection. This is my first one piece but the print and style is so feminine, I want to purchase more!! The straps are removable and so is the belt. Luckily, the material of the belt is made to last in water so you don’t have to worry about removing it. I love that it cinches your waist and gives you shape while wearing a one piece.

Mommy & Me matching: who doesn’t love a good matching set? To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer. While the designs are cute, the print is a little too colorful and loud for my style. There’s a Lilly Pulitzer boutique on the island so when I saw this matching set, I knew I had to pack it for the vineyard. I love the bright top and pairing it with white pants to keep it neutral. The cowl neck is very flattering and the straps are adjustable. I love this bubble dress with matching bloomers for baby. We wore our matching outfits around edgartown and I noticed a few other moms matching their daughters. It will never get old for me!

Date Night: another loud and colorful dress. But I love the tie dye look! Sunset on the vineyard is one of my favorite memories. And this dress definitely reminds me of the sky after sunset – naturally, I had to take a pic! It’s already cinched at the waist so the tie belt isn’t really functional but I love the texture it adds to the dress. It gets chilly at nights (at least in June) so having long sleeves to wear during the evening was perfect. The dress is also a really good length. I was worried about it being too mini but I was able to wear it with heels (I’m 5’3” for reference). I purchased from a small boutique based in Charlotte. They’re not yet on LTK, but an exact link to the dress can be found here.

We tried out a new restaurant to us for dinner – Garde East. The location sits right on the harbor in vineyard Haven. The wine selection is impressive! They also have a beautiful bar area so I can see us grabbing drinks here on the water on our next visit!

That wraps up my Martha’s Vineyard vacation posts! It’s a really casual trip but it’s so fun to pack some dressier items too! Next up will be some posts about our trip to Portland, OR… Stay tuned! Xoxo

Father’s Day Celebration

Is it just me or is it tough to buy for the Dad in your life?? Six months ago was Christmas, three months ago was this guy’s birthday, and now we’re celebrating and thanking him for being a great Daddy! But, man! You can only gift him so many bottles of whiskey….

When a local butcher shop opened up in my town I thought it would be fun to order something my dad can’t get at his local grocery store. That’s one of my dad’s favorite things to do when he tries a new restaurant, travels, etc. “What is exclusive here, what are you known for, what can’t I get anywhere else…” These tomahawk steaks I picked up were dry aged for 45 days. We heated the grill for about 15 minutes and then grilled the steaks for a few minutes each side. Perfection! I made the Mexican street corn from my last post, potato wedges, and asparagus. Had so have something healthy in here! I know my dad has been thinking about the steaks all week! It was a great dinner to honor my Dad. I would definitely gift something like this again and I’d absolutely recommend checking out Macellaria If you’re local!

We celebrated with my dad a week early because we will be on vacation over Father’s Day weekend with my in-laws. This weekend, we will celebrate my Father-in-law and my husband! We will arrive to the beach on Saturday night. Sunday being Father’s Day, the plan is to spend the day at the beach and hit up a brewery later on.

I ordered this hilarious mug for Max. I found a company on Etsy that can turn your face into a simpsons character! Ever since Olivia was a newborn, Max has watched the simpsons with her! Just here and there – I think the show is nostalgic for him. But, now that she’s one, she’s recognizing the show and laughs when she hears the theme song.

This is a stock photo on their website
This is the proof they sent me from the photos I submitted

It’s really cool that you can choose how many faces you want on your mug (including pets!) And you can submit multiple photos for the faces on the mug. Believe it or not, we didn’t have a recent family photo. Okay, don’t believe that because we DID take a photo on Easter but it was outdoors and Max was wearing sunglasses. So instead, I submitted a recent photo of Max and I all dressed up at a friends wedding and then a recent and new favorite picture of Olivia. This shop combined my two photos to create this mug! I ordered the mug a little early because I didn’t know how long processing would take. The shop is located in NY which is fairly fast shipping to Ohio. The shop owner got back to me the very next day with my proof! Incredible turn around time! My plan is to surprise him on vacation with the mug. I’ll offer to pour him a cup of coffee in the morning and will test to see how long it takes for him to recognize he’s not drinking from a random mug at the rental property, haha!

Happy Father’s Day to your families!! Hope you can all spend quality time together – would love to hear your plans in the comments <3 xoxo

Closet Reno

Our house was built in 1923 and I actually think we lucked out with closet storage! We don’t have an owner’s suite, but we do have TWO closets of the same size on either side of our bedroom. It might not be large enough to hold allll of my clothes, shoes, accessories, but I’m so happy I don’t have to share a closet. I used to have space for clothes in the spare bedroom – and then we had a baby and she needed a closet for all of her clothes (future fashionistaaaa). I crammed everything from the spare bedroom closet into my closet and lately, I’ve been dreaming about how to make my closet more efficient. The obvious would be to clean out my closet – sell/donate/discard old clothes but what can I do to skirt around that? 😉

Thanks to our old house, my closet has slanted ceilings. There’s a hanging bar at the top of the slant and a hanging bar at the bottom of the slant (covered by the top bar). The bottom bar was good for hanging pieces I didn’t want to pack up in storage but it just wasn’t very accessible. The three-drawer plastic bin has been with me since college – moved from Ohio to Minnesota, back to Ohio, through multiple apartments and, to be honest, I’m cleaning it up and keeping it in baby’s closet for storage, lol. I found this closetmaid wood closet kit in an Ad and started to kick off the closet Reno. The closet kit came with a wood tower and three rods. Unfortunately, I was only able to use one bar, but it’s about the same size as the previous hanging bar and the shelving gave me more room for storage so it’s a win win. I’m not able to link the closet tower in the below widget, but here’s the exact link

I found this leopard wallpaper at Target. I wanted something neutral but with a fun girly print and it had to match our current dark gray walls in the bedroom. The wallpaper is a little more blue than it photographed online but it’s the perfect mix of everything I was looking for! I originally ordered one roll and went through that pretty quickly. I ordered a second roll and thank goodness Target has two day shipping so I didn’t have to wait long for the second roll. The wallpaper was the easiest way to cover all of the cracks and peeling paint in my closet. I ended up doing most of the ceiling and walls in my closet. I may still do the back wall because I have leftover wallpaper. TBD…

I’ve been finished with my closet for over a week and I can already see the clutter, lol! But that’s my reality and my closet looks 100% better than it did. I’ve also never color coded my clothes before. I’ve always paired like items with like items – long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. We’ll also see how long this color coding lasts. I see the appeal for aesthetics but I can’t say that it works for me.

Another home project done! We’ve also re-purposed our wedding seating chart for a stand up mirror, added window treatments, I hung my floppy hats on the wall, a faux olive tree, and next I’d like to replace our ceiling fan :). Linking my new bedroom items below! Next week I’ll be covering some wedding guest dress ideas for anyone who has Spring events upcoming.

Sephora spring event 2021

Ahhh one of my favorite sales of the year! It only happens twice a year and by the Spring, I’m ready to stock up on bronzers, tanning drops, and foundation in a darker shade! I love ordering new products on my wish list to try at a discounted rate too.

The sale is open to all Insider, VIP, and Rogue members! Use code OMGSPRING to get your discount on these items! If you’re not a rewards member at Sephora, it’s free to sign up & make sure to add your birthday so you can redeem a birthday gift too, yay!

Not pictured Drybar Detoc Shampoo because I need to restock my supply lol

I wanted to share my TOP PICKS for the sale. It was extremely hard to narrow it down because I use these products all of the time that I’m even restocking some (dry shampoo, tanning drops, tanning mist).

This isn’t my whole skincare/makeup routine, but it’s definitely the items that I rarely switch out so to my it’s important to keep them all in my picks.

Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette – I absolutely love the shimmer in this palette. It’s great for Spring because it adds pops of pinks and purples to your eyes. I’d recommend applying an eyeshadow primer first so that the shimmer really sticks to your lid and doesn’t crease. I love how the palette has a brow highlighter, a light shimmery shade for my lid, and then a darker matte shade to buff at the outer corner of my eye.

St Tropez Facial Tanning Mist Spray – This is a new product I stumbled upon during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Steals event (another one of my favorite sales!). I don’t like to use tanning products on my face because I don’t know if I should skip my skincare routine on days I apply or whether my skin will react and break out. I used this product for the first time last week and my husband even noticed how tan I looked (he’s not the most observant so when I heard that I knew the product was going to be used on repeat). I sprayed this mist after my skincare routine in the morning (even after the moisturizer! I would normally moisturize my body before using the tanning drops so I didn’t think this should be any different). Added bonus: This smells amazing!

D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Drops I’ve been using this for over a year now. Remember how I said I didn’t use tanning products on my face? This has been a great alternative (before finding the tanning mist). I apply this either mixed with my foundation or before foundation (preference) and it gives you a nice glow plus adds color to your face!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – I recently included this item in a blog post. It’s another new product I discovered this year but I absolutely love it. It’s a lavender scent and I like to use it on Friday nights so I feel calm and refreshed going into my weekend. The directions say use 1-2 times a week so I’ll typically apply it once during the week too. I wake up feeling really hydrated.

Huda Beauty Bomb Brows – I’ve already mentioned this brands eyeshadow palette above. I also have another double ended eyeshadow pencil from them that’s great in the summer because of the bronzed and shimmery color. I’m also obsessed with their eyebrow pencils. One side is a spooly and the other is a very delicate pencil. I have this in two colors because I like to line my brow and fill in sparse spots with the dark color, and then fill in other areas of my brow with the lighter color to add dimension. I’ve kind of always been afraid of eyebrows because I don’t want them to look too unnatural. This eyebrow pencil gives my brows a very natural and normal look.

Tartiest Lip Paint – This is a great option for a lip stain that isn’t going to transfer to your mask! I actually stocked up on Kylie Jenner lip kits at Ulta last Fall but I’ve also had this lip paint for a while and it’s really lasted me. I was always in the habit of applying lipstick and then putting on my mask and wondering why I bothered with makeup anyway! But this lip paint is the perfect solution. The color is a beautiful light/nude pink but they have two darker colors, as well.

Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Mask – I discovered this at the Sephora Spring event in 2020. The salons were all closed and I was ready for a color refresh (my grays were showing yikes). The cocoa color is very similar to my hair color. I’ve never used a box dye but I guess this is kind of similar. Apply to your hair, let it sit, and then wash out. I went overboard applying this to my roots to mask those dang gray strands. It didn’t meet my expectation masking the gray but my hair looked so vibrant and fresh! So as long as you understand the expectation, I would absolutely recommend this product because I feel like I can stretch out my salon visits. Plus, it’s only $7 even when there’s not a sale!

Inkey List Hyalauronic Acid – This item was also in a recent blog post. I’ve been really working on my skincare routine and have heard amazing thing about hyaluronic acid. It’s a serum that plumps and hydrates skin. Especially in these winter months, who doesn’t want plump skin? I hate battling dry skin in the winter and I can say that I didn’t have that issue this year. This product is smaller than I anticipated when I received it, but it’s under $10 and all you need is a pea size that you pat into your skin. I use this morning and night.

It Cosmetics CC Cream – This is my absolute favorite foundation for summer. It includes 50SPF and it’s a full coverage cream so a little goes a long way! Look at how well loved my CC Cream is! I reach for it all of the time – summer, going to the pool, running an errand, days I have a conference call but don’t want to do a full face of makeup, etc. My shade is Neutral Tan but I need a lighter shade for the winter when I’m more pale lol

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – This blush is extremely buildable. It’s a color that I can use year round and I love the subtle shimmer to it too! My shade is Dazzled.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops – These are the best tanning drops! I first discovered them last year when I realized my beach vacations were cancelled and, I mean, how else was I going to get tan all summer with a newborn?? They smell really good and I mix with my moisturizer so they’re very hydrating! I use the Dark shade and you can apply as many drops as you want to control your tan. Just make sure to keep the drops even on both sides of your body 😉

Thanks for sticking with my post! I hope you can find some new products to try!! Let me know if you use, have tried, or want to try any of these in the comments 🙂

The Best Transitional Midi Dress

It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the mid 60’s and some windy conditions. We were taking our one year old to the zoo on her birthday so I knew I’d be on my feet a ton! With this being one of the first (and rare) occasions leaving the house, I couldn’t wait to “dress up” aka get out of sweatpants! But, it was just a trip to the zoo – I couldn’t wear heels and a babydoll dress (or could I?). I knew these Nike Court Side Sneakers would be ideal for comfort and style. They’re still bright white since I never had many opportunities to wear them in 2020, ha!

This midi dress was the best choice because of the comfortable and lightweight material. The neutral color toned down the fact that I was wearing a dress to the zoo 🙂 Keep scrolling because this dress is ON SALE for $32 dollars!!

I love the versatility of this dress. It can be worn with sneaks and a Jean jacket – how I styled it for the occasion or can be dressed up with booties (like the web image) or heels and a leather jacket. You can add a felt hat. It’s all so cute!

The dress comes in three other colors and was part of the BFF Wayfair x Nordstrom launch between Dede (Dress Up Buttercup) and Emily (Champagne and Chanel). The Jean jacket I styled with the dress is also a launch from Dede’s “Detre” line in 2020.

Pantry organization

Yesterday, my baby girl turned ONE! Thanks to covid, and staying home, she’s seen approximately 10 humans, two dogs, some duckies, and a cat. Even though she didn’t really register what she was looking at and was more distracted by other kids, it was so much fun to be out as a family and watch her little expressions as she took in the new scenery.

Recently, I’ve been working on tidying up/spring cleaning/home organization. I’d love to reorganize my closet this Spring – and by reorganize I mean, re-arrange my shelving, add some fun wallpaper, and switch out my fall clothes to my spring/summer clothes. Ugh, I’m not ready for this project! Instead, I started with our pantry. When we moved in, we actually didn’t have a pantry. My parents renovated their entire kitchen – changed the layout, expanded their island, switched their cabinets, floors, backspash, etc. They gave their old pantry cabinets to us and the cabinets miraculously fit in our kitchen! I painted them to match our cabinets and they have given us so much more room! I’ve been annoyed with all of the packaging taking up space in our pantry. No matter how many times I’ve re-arranged our pantry, there’s someone in this house who can’t return the bag the way they found it 🙂

I ordered these air tight containers that came in a 12 pack to help with organization. I also had some dissolvable food labels to write the product and expiration date on the containers. I thought the I only had a few plastic bags but as I started pulling them from the pantry, they were never ending! I didn’t have a problem filling the 12 pack containers and I probably need more, eventually, but for now, it’s a start! The containers are stackable and have created a lot more space. It’s also easier for said person in this house to take out a container and return it how it was found 🙂

This weekend, the birthday celebrations continue! We’ll have one day with my parents and one day with my in-laws. I’m looking forward to sharing her party, and, naturally, our outfits 🙂

Olivia’s birth story

How can it be??? In 6 days, my sweet baby girl is turning ONE. I’ve held her in my arms for an entire year and I can’t help but feel emotional. I recently saw a poem by a.r.asher that read, “There is my heart, and there is you, and I’m not sure there is a difference.”

My due date was estimated to be March 11, 2020. Two of my favorite people, my grandparents, are no longer with us. The bright spot here is that my grandpa’s birthday is March 3rd (Happy Heavenly Birthday, Bumpy (IYKYK!)) and my grandma’s birthday is March 12th! I saw my due date being somewhere between their birthday’s as a sign. I love that my baby is going to share their zodiac sign and I’d love for her to inherit some of their traits. It’s so special to me that she was born on March 9th.

March 8, 2020: I started my Sunday like normal. Probably slept in, probably made waffles for breakfast. I remember it was a gorgeous day and we planned on taking a lot of walks and grilling spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner (even though I had a manageable pregnancy, we were anxious to meet our girl and were to the point of trying all of the old wives tales). I remember during one of our walks feeling a big cramp but it didn’t last very long and I didn’t feel anything else for several hours later. I had a nail appt (my last one since the pandemic began – RIP almond shaped nails – and I felt a couple more cramps, but still felt fine. I came home and we ate spicy chicken sandwiches outside on our patio and finally around 7pm, I started to feel more constant cramping. It was starting to feel stronger to the point that I text my mom and told her to keep her phone on her. I started to track the cramps I was feeling using my Ovia app. By 10pm I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and I got ready for bed and tried to lay down. My cramps were about 20 mins apart and it was impossible to get comfortable. I think I tossed and turned until midnight. Then there is no tracking on my app until 2AM so I think I did get a quick nap in, but by 2AM I came downstairs to the living room and watched Bridesmaids on HBO.

March 9, 2020: I kept tracking contractions and trying to keep calm and distracted. By 5:30AM, I knew my husband would be waking up for work soon and would see that I wasn’t in bed. I made him a pot of coffee while I waited for him to come downstairs. I logged onto my work computer and sent some of my usual Monday morning reports and emailed my boss/teammates that I wasn’t going to make it to work.

My contractions were really close to 5 mins apart and lasting a minute or longer. I was starting to get scared and worried that if we went to the hospital now they’d tell me it wasn’t time and we’d have to go back home and keep waiting. Finally, my husband came down stairs and told me to get in the car, we were going to the hospital! The worst thing they could say was ‘no’. It was about a 20-25 minute drive and we arrived around 7AM! That was pretty close to 12 hours of laboring at home.

In Triage, there were two other couples also coming in around the same time as us and a family already in the waiting room! We hadn’t told our family we were at the hospital because we weren’t sure what they were going to tell us. Finally, we were called back, I got hooked up to the contraction monitor and was told I was 4cm dilated. We were getting checked into L&D and were going to expect a baby today, ahhh! My parents live a little more than an hour away and my in-laws are 45 mins away. I have no idea what time everyone got to the hospital, but my parents, my in laws, brother in law, and sister in law all made it to the waiting room. It’s so crazy and sad to think that just 6 days later, only one support person could be in the hospital with you :(. My mama and husband were in the L&D room with me for this journey.

I did get an epidural and they had to take it out and start the process again because it was too high in my vertebrae and was causing my heart rate to spike. I remember not being able to control my breathing and felt very cold. I thought it was all normal and although I hated getting the epidural, it also numbed me so I could rest a little bit through these contractions.

The rest of the day is such a blur. They broke my water and gave me a peanut ball to speed up my dilation. My OB doctor wasn’t the on call doctor so I met the nurses and doctor not knowing if I’d deliver during their shift or get new nurses/doctors. Finally by 4:30pm it was go time. It all happened so fast and by 5:04pm I had a crying baby in my arms. <3

I was so hungry and so glad I had time to eat a bowl of oatmeal before we left for the hospital. But no sleep and no food all day, plus having a baby, I was exhausted! I remember getting the food menu and asking what I couldn’t have. The nurses told me there were no restrictions so I ordered the turkey burger, French fries, and brownie for dessert.

Sleeping in the hospital is so uncomfortable. They asked that we keep a specific light on which shined on my bed, there’s always someone checking on you or the baby so no matter how tired I was or how loud our noise machine was, I could barely get sleep. First night, Olivia didn’t eat very much. By the second night, she was cluster feeding and I was so exhausted, I contemplated asking if she could go to the nursery for a little bit, but the mom guilt was already kicking in!

Somehow, we’ve survived the newborn phase, we’ve conquered leaving the house with a baby and all of her things, and now we’re 6 days away from having a one year old under our roof. Even though 2020 kept us inside and at home, there’s no place I’d rather be than with my husband and our baby girl.

If you made it this far, hi! Our next baby challenge will be a long car ride and a vacation with a 15 month old (this June). Drop your travel tips below! No advice is too small, I’ll try anything to make our travels smooth sailing 🙂

Next week’s post is going to feature some home organization and/or home project while I plan and organize Olivia’s birthday party. In two weeks, my post will feature her decor, dress, etc! Check back soon <3

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day 💗

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. I love to love but I think that should be celebrated every day, not a planned event. Now I believe it’s so true what they say, “kids make the ‘holidays’ better!”

I’ve only gone out to dinner once on Valentine’s Day and we both regret it. We made reservations for 7pm at the Bonefish Grille. We arrived a few mins early and there was a line out the door. I was catching conversations that people had been waiting an hour. Long story short, we didn’t get seated for an hour and a half, they brought everyone FREE bang bang shrimp, and my husband surprised me with a cute homemade voucher to cash in for a free vacation. So, okay, maybe that wasn’t the worst v-day, but we both agreed, our usual at home date night is the more enjoyable routine.

With the pandemic, our plans for an at home date night didn’t waver. If anything, it motivated us to dress up! We ordered the steak and lobster special from Cooper’s Hawk and picked up a sparkly bottle of Pinot noir rosé wine from our local wine and beer retailer, Grain and Grape.

I decorated our fireplace and mantle with some decor I picked up from Target this year. Olivia had a great time tearing down the foam hearts every chance she got 🙂

My favorite part of the day was a photo shoot with Olivia. She looked adorable in her heart onesie and large pink bow from Stevie J’s. My pink bodysuit is on sale for under $25. It’s a tight fit and a deep neckline but it’s perfect with jeans or a skirt for date night. My Agolde jeans have been my most comfortable pair of denim and my booties tied in the color of Olivia’s dress from H&M.

When I told my husband I needed to order Olivia a gift he said, “we need to get her a gift?” Ugh yes! She’s our valentine! It was just a couple of cute items: a book, a smock bib, and a rubber duckie dressed like Ariel (she loves to play with rubber ducks in the bathtub and if you ask her where her duckie is, she drops what she’s doing and will pick up her duckie).

How do you and your significant other celebrate? Any special traditions? Let me hear ‘em!

Red Dress Boutique: SALE Try-on Haul

Sale alert! Red Dress Boutique added a tooon of amazing items to their sale section! I scoured all of the pages and ended up with a huge order. Items I can wear now and later.

I separated and styled my order for the four seasons, had a cute fashion shoot for my 10 month old, & she even made some appearances in my pictures, haha!


Obsessed with this set! Actually each piece is sold separately, but together, they’re under $50. The muted colors are perfect for winter vs the bright neon tie dye that you typically see. It’s not as warm as I would have wanted but I love the fit! Wearing a small in both.

Aaand here she is! Meet Olivia 🙂 this acid wash sweatshirt is another item on the thin side but, again, I’m obsessed! The neckline was a little weird – some extra fabric that I rolled down but you can’t even tell. Wearing a small and it’s long enough to cover the butt! Pair it with leggings and a hat and you’ve got yourself an outfit to run to Target (for diapers, wipes, Valentines Day decor, candles, snacks, swimsuits… you know, the important items!) 😉


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, this two tone red and pink dress would be perfect! The colors are gorgeous!! I paired it with my favorite Kate Spade nude shoes with a pink pop-of-color heel. It’s definitely longer than expected. I’m 5’3 for reference. Wearing a small and it’s $33.


I got fancy and changed Olivia into a summer outfit, too! She wanted to snack on her cat eye sunglasses instead of wear them for the picture 🙂 winning because she kept her sandals on! Listen up, this tie dye shirt is $5!!!! I ordered the small and it’s a little boxy and you could see the band of my strapless bra. This would be cute tied in a knot for a more fitted look or over a swimsuit with shorts. I decided to dust off my overalls to pair with the tank.

The colors of this off the shoulder dress are beautiful!! I cannot wait to (hopefully) take a summer vacation with this $21 statement dress! The length was perfect in wedge heels. Off the shoulder and I’m wearing a small.

Apologies for not steaming this jumpsuit first but I was losing sunlight! I think I was ambitious styling this many outfits in one day but I didn’t want to do hair and makeup the following day, haha! But this silky has the most beautiful muted colors. I paired it with a sea glass necklace from bauble bar to bring in some color. I kept the shoes nude but not opposed to adding more color with some fun heels.


This maxi dress is even more gorgeous in person! The embroidery is metallic gold and looks so boho and beautiful. I wish the rouching wasn’t so thick so I could hide that with a belt. The peach florals could also look great in the spring and summer so this dress is pretty versatile. Wearing a small.

Olivia and I wore these outfits for fall photos last year! I love this burgundy floral dress! The rouching here doesn’t bother me because it’s the entire length of the bottom and it hugs you in, very flattering. You can’t really see here but the sleeves are a little sheer. Wearing a small.

These are my biggest sale pics at Red Dress Boutique. They just released some beautiful spring dresses so I anticipate another big order/try on haul 🙂

My recent Nordstrom Rack purchase under $100!

I love Nordstrom Rack but I rarely have the patience to visit the store and dig through their racks for good deal on a name brand item. I was looking for a Free People sweater on Nordstrom Rack and found it for $26.23 – that’s 75% off the original price, wow! While I was impressed with the sale, I also didn’t want to pay for shipping :). Why does it make me happier to reach the free shipping threshold? Anyone else? Another option was to ship the sweater to the store for free – but that would require a visit in the store and thanks to this pandemic, I haven’t been to a mall (other than a curbside pickup) in almost a year!

So, I kept shopping their clearance category and loaded up my cart! I placed my order before the new year and received my order last week. Shipping took a little more time, but it appears the items are still in stock!

I love this casual outfit. The neutral striped sweater features blouson sleeves, a pocket, and color blocking in the back. It’s a little cropped so I paired it with my favorite high rise Agolde denim and these neutral booties that I wear with anything that isn’t a dress!

I fell in love with this brand, Naked Zebra, when I lived in Minneapolis. I purchased several pieces from a local boutique. This tiered dress is going to be perfect for spring. Unfortunately this color is sold out, but it’s available in two other colors that I’ve linked. I was surprised by the material of this dress – it’s double lined with a silk slip which makes it so comfortable! The length is great and I’d consider making this one of the first pieces I wear back to the office 🙂

This bodysuit is giving me Valentine’s Day vibes! The color and the rouching are so feminine. I have a couple of bodysuits from the same brand, ASTR, so I ordered my normal size, XS, but it runs a little tighter than the other bodysuits. It fits a little snug around the bodice so I’d consider sizing up if you’re larger chested than me.

Saved the best for last! This floral dress is so perfect! Love the pink floral print and think it pairs perfectly with this mauve hat! Another Valentine’s Day contender. This smocked dress can be worn on or off the shoulders – it’s comfortable either way. I almost paired this dress with black boots and a black leather jacket, but any excuse to wear a hat over unwashed hair, count me in!