What I Would Have Worn in Austin TX (if my flight didn’t get canceled)

Hiiiii! Already behind on my blog! Not that there’s too much going on right now – Ohio is starting to thaw out from Winter. It’s finally Spring, but we get beautiful & sunny 70* days during the week and cold, rainy 50* days on the weekend. So annoying…

Anyways.. My husband and I had a weekend trip planned to Austin, TX. We wanted to travel to a warmer climate and LA, Sedona, and Austin made our top 3. We decided on Austin for an end of Feb trip. Side note: Sedona is still my #1 – I’ve never been to Arizona before – but it’s pricey! From what I researched, a flight to Phoenix and then renting a car and driving to Sedona is the easiest option. It didn’t seem very convenient for a weekend trip.

Fast forward to the week or two before our trip and me constantly watching the weather! The temps in Austin were dropping from 80 to 30 degrees, WHAT?! It was looking like the weather was going to be just as cold and rainy as Ohio :(. I knew I’d be chilly on our trip but it was a vacation and I wanted to wear the outfits I picked! Read on below for how and when I”d style these outfits.

To wrap up this story, the day of our trip (Thursday), our flight from Columbus to Dallas straight up canceled. There was an ICE STORM in Dallas and all flights in and out were canceled. We were able to rebook through Charlotte for about the same times as our original flight so all was saved.. right? As we both got the car loaded and were about to drive off, we got a notification our flight from Columbus to Charlotte was delayed an hour. We had a tight connection so with this delay, we were going to miss our flight. Back inside to call the airline! There weren’t any other flights out that would get us to Austin earlier than 9pm so we were already missing our half day in TX. If we rebooked for Friday, we’d get in at 4pm. Our returning flights were scheduled for 6am Sunday, so our weekend trip would have ended up being 24 hours of fun! We opted to get our flights reimbursed and we’ll book for another time. But by then, it will be a different season & different outfits!

Thursday dinner – we had reservations for a BBQ restaurant:

I realized I didn’t get a pic of the back of this top. It buttons behind your neck (you will need help with this – cannot button alone, kind of annoying) and then ties around your waist, leaving an open gap on your back. Very pretty and flattering fit. Wearing an XS.

Friday Shopping Outfit: South Congress & lunch at La Perla’s oyster bar

I purchased this dress from Pink Lily when it was on final sale at the end of 2021. I love the muted colors, soft print, and flowy fit of this dress! I had been waiting for a chance to wear it and thought shopping around South Congress would be perfect! Unfortunately, I don’t think this dress is available anymore but they do carry similar styles.

Friday Night Date Night: Reservations at Aba

Ahhh this top! I fell in love with it when I saw it online. The print and the color reminded me of a tropical vacation (or a Tex-Mex restaurant in TX). I had to have it, I had to try it on. How does it even stay in place?? I picked up some fashion tape to be extra prepared.Spolier alert, I definitely needed the tape! There is just this open gap going diagonal in the front of the shirt. Very fun top. Definitely a splurge and not something I’d wear very often at all, but it’s fun for a special occasion/vacation.

Saturday Day outfit: No official plans/Brewery Hopping

I was the most excited for this chambray jumpsuit! When we first made the decision to travel to Austin, my vision was a denim jumpsuit. There were a couple I had saved to favorites on Revolve’s website (tagged below), but I couldn’t pull the trigger on a $300 outfit… yikes. When I saw this pop up on Like to Know it, I have never swiped up faster!! I found it on an Indianapolis Boutique I’d never shopped before (Magnolia Boutique). Cuuuute items!! I actually ordered this jumpsuit, a green dress (appearing later), and a green tea piece top/skirt I’m planning to wear for our anniversary dinner.

This is the green dress I mentioned above. How cute is the back?! It’s so comfortable and I love it even more on than on the website. How cute are these white western boots with the studs? Literally had the hardest time choosing shoes!! I wanted to bring every pair of boots I own – especially with the colder temps.

A few weeks later, my cousin invited us to a themed “TX BBQ” party – and I was thrilled! I had several outfits to choose from, thanks to this trip :). Spoiler alert, I ended up wearing the jumpsuit!

We also celebrated my daughter’s second birthday. Stay tuned for that post next. XOXO.

Veganuary Round 2

First post in 2022… better late than never! January 2021, I joined WordPress. I feel like I’m finally getting my writing style. It’s more difficult to get the photos, actually! Either we have plans and I don’t get a pic in my outfit or we have plans and I don’t get a *cute* pic in my outfit, haha! Anyway… as I was saying, first post in 2022 and it’s about food.

Last January, Max suggested trying a vegan challenge all January. I posted more about our experience here. It truly was a challenge but so fun. We decided to go that route this year. We are typically vegetarian during the week and usually are only eating meat when we order out. I feel so much better after eating healthy grains and beans. I didn’t notice a difference after cutting out dairy for the month, but I’m lucky to not suffer from any lactose issues (yet – who knows bodies change!) so without further adieu, here are our top 4 favorite recipes from the month (spoiler alert: 3/4 are soups. It’s January and snowy here.. don’t at me)

*All photos are my own

Vegan Zuppa Toscana

Recipe from: https://veggiesociety.com/vegan-zuppa-toscana-recipe/

This was the first soup we made and with the small amount of ingredients, I wasn’t sure how powerful the taste would be. We absolutely loved this soup!! It reminds me of Olive Garden. I had some leftover Yukon potatoes from another meal, so specifically was looking for a recipe that calls for potatoes. I swapped mushrooms for the Italian sausage as the recipe calls for. You get that comfort food + the cashew cream is deliciously creamy. Will make again!

Vegan Thai Coconut Curry Soup with crispy tofu

I’m actually making this one again tonight! Recipe from: https://www.marathonsandmotivation.com/vegan-thai-coconut-soup/

Tbh, the tofu didn’t have a lot of flavor. I used liquid aminos vs soy sauce as a healthier alternative. But tofu is an excellent protein and I’m preparing it the same way tonight. I could only find yellow curry paste at Trader Joe’s. My first time using rice noodles and they ended up soaking up the broth the next day. The coconut broth is so refreshing. This photographed beautifully and I had a couple friends reach out on IG for the recipe. If you make this, tag me and let me know how you prepared it!

Quick & Easy Vegan Ramen Curry

Recipe from: https://midwestfoodieblog.com/vegan-curry-ramen/

I ordered ramen packages, used the noodles and tossed the seasoning. Ran into the same issue where the noodles soak up the broth the next day. But this is so delicious!! I’d break up the noodles next time before adding to the soup just so it’s easier to eat.

Vegan white bean “chicken” parm

Recipe from: https://www.rabbitandwolves.com/vegan-white-bean-chicken-parmesan/

I’ve made this recipe for years!! A tried and true recipe. The texture, thanks to the vital wheat gluten, has a realistic chicken feel. The patty holds together well. I used a vegan sauce from Rao’s for our saturday night dinner. I normally reserve this meal for a date night in or a weekend meal when you want to feel fancy because it is on the heavier side, especially when you include sides. We’re used to one pot recipes or power bowls for dinner. There’s not a lot of prep work involved – you can have a fancy feast in less than an hour!

Happy to recipe share! Share your favorite plant based recipe below 👇🏻

I’m Dreaming of a White…Sequins outfit for NYE

Hopping on to share the last post of 2021! This was my Christmas outfit but it also makes the perfect NYE outfit. I’ve worn everything from jeans and sweaters to Dresses to sequins joggers on Christmas. I’ve seen a trend over the last two years where, whenever I leave the house, I get as glam as possible, haha! Plus, I set the bar pretty high when I wore a skirt for Thanksgiving… I can’t be dressier for Thanksgiving than on Christmas, can I? I absolutely think you should wear whatever you’re comfortable in because that’s when you’re most confident! Confidence is always the top priority.

This off the shoulder sweater actually appeared on one of my IG ads. I thought it was a dress so I clicked on it to find it was two pieces (sold separately). I immediately pictured the sweater with a sequins skirt and did a quick search to see what I would find. I never dreamed of finding THIS perfect skirt – the color, the length, the quality, the slit. Everything about it is perfect! It’s even the same label as the sweater, coincidentally. Definitely a splurge, but I don’t have anything in my closet like this and think I’d absolutely be able to re-wear this for NYE or another holiday. I’m also a BIG fan of the graphic tee + sequins skirt + tennis shoe trend. Add a bold lip and you look so chic. That’s an outfit I could wear for a lunch or a dinner and feel more comfortable being in public.

The sweater is so soft and a cropped fit. You can front tuck it or not and either way still has a nice fit. It’s a boatneck neckline and can be worn on or off the shoulder. I love how the model wears it off the shoulder but wish I would have sized up one to achieve that a little easier. I ordered a Small and think it was a little tight to wear it off the shoulder all night. So size up if you like the off the shoulder look. I also ordered a Small in the skirt and it’s the perfect fit. Bonus, it’s fully lined! I was worried about the slit being too high but it’s conservative enough where I didn’t feel like i’d have to wear a slip or shorts underneath. I did see a trick on TikTok to wear a tulle skirt underneath something with a high slit and it looked really pretty! Might only work with a skirt more A-line or full but worth a try if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Anyway, both the sweater and the skirt are FREE two day shipping! Still time to order and arrive before NYE… just saying 🙂 xoxo Happy New Year!!

Last Minute Holiday Outfit

Only TWO more sleeps until Christmas Day!! Hopefully gifts are purchased & wrapped, meals are planned, and houses are cleaned. As an adult, it’s so stressful during this time! I’m so excited to see Christmas through my toddlers eyes. She reminds me it’s a magical time! Another stress point is.. WHAT TO WEAR. I definitely wait until the last minute to decide, search through my closet, find nothing, and panic! Luckily one of my favorite retailers offers two day shipping for FREE! If you’re in need of a last minute Holiday outfit (Christmas or NYE), I’ve linked a few of my favorites, including this dress!

This dress is a whole VIBE! I was worried this dress would either be too short or too puffy. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it’s started by one of the Co-Founders of Wildfox. I love this crimson color with the green and white florals. It’s red and green but not in your face Christmas-y. Perfect to wear after the holidays too. I took a chance and ordered an XS – a) it was the only size available and b) it was listed as a size 4 so I assumed it would fit but it was tight. A small would have been more comfortable. However, the length is perfect (I’m 5’2″) and still looks fine paired with nude heels. The organza fabric give this dress the perfect shape and the elastic trim on the sleeves isn’t restricting. My favorite part is the neckline – it’s so feminine. Makes me feel so glam…

I’ll be sharing one more Christmas look… it’s pretty extra but will be perfect for NYE, too. For now, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! xoxo

Christmas Family Photos 2021

One of my favorite Black Friday deals is from CVS! They offer 50% off photo orders so I use that as an opportunity to upgrade to the gold foil option. I discovered this deal last year and was excited to see the deal return this year, too. I used our fall family photos because, at the time, I didn’t know we were getting these Christmas photos.

My husband and I both work for Corporate Retail and his employer offered these free 10 minute photo sessions. It cracks me up that she didn’t want to smile in any of these pics! She’s still so adorable. It was such a beautiful setup! And while we waited for our turn, they had a coffee bar and Cheryl’s cookies available outside. We lucked out with a sunny day, too! Which was very fortunate since it was about a 30 minute wait and I was in a mini skirt.

I wasn’t sure what the background setting was going to look like, but I knew Olivia was going to wear this ivory dress with a fur collar. So I based my outfit around the same colors. I ordered this leather skirt in fall 2020. It’s out of stock now, but I did link a similar one from another retailer! The sweater was a last purchase from Revolve. Thank goodness for their two day shipping times. It was actually on sale when I ordered it but I see it’s back to full price. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to wear this, but I wanted to option. I love the shoulder and back cutout! It turns an a sophisticated ivory turtleneck sweater into something sexy. I normally order a S in sweaters because I don’t like them tight but they only had an XS available. It fits well but it is shorter or more cropped than I expected. Maybe the S would have been a better length but I plan to wear this sweater with skirts and high waisted jeans anyway.

Olivia’s been pretty opinionated about everything she wears: hats, shoes, mittens, coats, pajamas, and every day outfits. I gave her a choice of this white dress or a green velvet jumpsuit with gold embroidery and a fur coat. Tried the jumpsuit first but she didn’t even want to put it on. But had no problem with this dress. I think I saw Sarah Knuth post about this: she picks out two clothing options she likes and then lets her kids choose the outfit. Going to try that from now on. Any other mamas have any tips for opinionated toddlers 🙂

More Holiday content coming your way next week… xoxo

Jackets for Fall

While “Winter” doesn’t officially begin until December 21st… even though the temperature feels like it in Ohio, plus with Christmas decorations and activities in full swing, it’s tough not to skip the last few weeks of “Fall”.

If you follow me on IG, you know that I was once again traveling up to Geneva for a night in Ohio’s “wine country”. We went with another couple and it was their first night away from their one year old! It was already our third time visiting these wineries so we showed them our favorite places. First stop is always Laurentia for lunch + drinks. Not in any particular order, but M Cellars and Harpersfield are next on the list. Anything else along the way is fair game and we did stop at Red Eagle Distillery for the first time! Ordered a pumpkin spice cocktail that was sooo delic. I honestly expected the ‘lake effect’ weather to be so much cooler in Geneva but it was nice and sunny. Would have reconsidered my outfit if I would have known 🙂 But can’t go wrong dressing in all staples!

Start with a neutral sweater and my favorite mom jeans for the base. Add a suede jacket for added warmth and pair a bold snakeskin print bootie. You probably have everything in your closet to recreate this look, any bold bootie will work! These exact pair are from DSW but I purchased a few years ago. I didn’t see these on the website but did link smiliar pairs if you like this print. I’ve mentioned this suede jacket before – I waited until the Nordstrom anniversary sale to purchase. It’s pricey but I wear it so much in the fall. You’ll be so impressed with the quality!!

The next morning, we went into town to grab coffee and pastry before the long drive back to Columbus. The weather was definitely cooler, but as soon as we were in the car, I was shedding layers (TOO WARM). But I can’t say enough good things about this plaid zip up jacket! It is a cropped fit and the inside lining is satin so don’t expect the sherpa material on both sides… however, maybe it was the sweater underneath, but this jacket still kept me plenty warm! I’m wearing a small in the jacket and it’s pretty roomy in the arms so don’t worry about sizing up one. You also can’t beat the price!! It’s only $25 🙂 I forgot to pack a straight leg pair of denim so here I am stuffing my mom jeans inside of my suede knee high boots, hahaha! Made it work!

I can’t believe we’re already in December!! Check out my post on gift guides if you haven’t already! Happy Shopping xoxo

2021 Gift Guides

Here it is!! My first ever gift guide collage. I’ve never done these before so I didn’t want to start out by curating 20+ gift guides for everyone you know. Instead I decided to start with the things I’m confident in and my gift guides can grow from here. With the Black Friday and upcoming Cyber Monday sales, I wanted to get these published so they can be a resource you. If you’re shopping for your #1 guy, baby/toddler girl, or need some ideas for yourself – hopefully these links will provide some inspo. All items are things we have or are on our shopping list for this year. Xoxo Happy Shopping!

Aztec Jacket

This Aztec Jacket is from my latest Pink Lily haul – linked here (wearing a small)! I’ve already raved about how stylish it is. I love the colors and it will go with so many items in your closet! Have to mention the price point because this is a popular style but I haven’t seen it marked as low as $64! I styled it with a white Henley and now a tan bodysuit. The sleeves and fit are also roomy enough to wear over an orange/rust colored turtleneck sweater (at least in my head that’s a cute fit).

I absolutely love styling this western look. With so many statement pieces, I kept the colors (outside of the shacket) pretty muted. This high neck bodysuit is the best material! I love how it’s meant to contour your body. Comes in several different colors and I don’t know why i’m only sitting on this neutral color – NEED MORE (TTS wearing an XS). But as I was saying…The aztec/southwest print is perfect to wear with a wide brimmed hat. Then, as I was grabbing for my neutral Vince Camuto booties, I found my new white western booties (TTS). The gold studs are my favorite detail and they’re a good shade of white. Not stark white, not an off white, just right. If you’re looking to jump on the white western boot trend, check these out.

This weekend we’re heading to a Holiday parade. It’s not baby’s first christmas but it kind of feels like her first all over again now that she’s a little older and will be able to react to the christmas lights 🙂 The temps are dropping in Ohio and we’ve already had our FIRST SNOW. Stay warm! xoxo

Sephora Holiday Sale 2021

The Sephora Holiday Sale opens up to all rewards members starting TODAY!! Use code YAYHOLIDAY for 10%, 15%, or 20%, depending on your member status. It’s a great time to splurge on an item from your wish list, stock up on your faves, or buy gifts. Love their holiday kits and included a few in my top pics (collage above)! I want to quickly review the products in my collage and why I chose them:

Huda Beauty #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil – I wear shades Medium Brown and Rich Brown. I like to add contrast so I’ll outline in one shade and then fill in with the other for dimension. The pencil is ultra thin so it makes realistic hair strokes. It’s literally the thinnest tip in the market. Plus I’ve never had any issues with the pigment running or fading throughout the day.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder – first of all, Charlotte Tilbury’s marketing calls to me! The products are so shimmery and all of the containers are gold and white. They’re definitely products you can leave out on the counter and it will look pretty vs cluttered 😉 This setting powder is so light weight! I struggle with oily skin and rarely re-apply this throughout the day! I wear the shade Medium and this also comes in mini sizes if you want to test the product before committing to full size. This setting powder truly gives you a smooth complexion and helps set my under eye concealer. I re-purchased this product during the sale.

Lancome Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara – I honestly used to wear Maybeline Falsies from the drugstore because I couldn’t find a high end mascara that was as volumizing or as thickening as Monsieur Big. Now I’d be curious to try Falsies again to see what I think, lol. I also first apply the Cils Booster primer, but days that I’m just at home and want a swipe of mascara before jumping on a video call, I put on two coats of this mascara and still think it’s magic! It looks so natural and never clumpy. You can purchase the holiday set, or an individual full or mini size.

La Mer Creme de la Mer Moisturizer – I mean, if you really want to splurge….. why not choose this item? The temps are dropping, the heat inside is running (at least here in Ohio) and my skin is suffering. This comes in multiple sizes, ranging from $95 – $530. Whoa. I’ve purchased the smallest size available in a past Sephora sale and it’s perfect for this season. There’s so many benefits of using this cream. TBH, mine didn’t last long enough to allow me to see the benefits but I can attest to how moisturizing it is. I probably wouldn’t use this during the day, it is a little thick and I’m not sure how it would look under makeup IMO

Another splurge item is the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil Free Foundation – Medium to tan, neutral color 6.5. I just looked through my past order to find that and see I purchased this Dec 2020! It’s definitely not my everyday foundation but for the few big events, holidays, or date nights I’ve pulled this out and it’s lasted me a year now. It is medium coverage but also buildable so I normally add another coat of foundation to a problem area. Then my concealer on top of that and voila. As I mentioned with the oily skin, this is a great foundation because it is oil free. The foundation gives a really beautiful airbrushed effect but also glowy so not that dried matte appearance that I hate.

The Inkey List Hyalauronic Acid – Best hyaluronic serum and it’s under $10 (More with code YAYHOLIDAY). Another perfect item to add to your skincare lineup for the dry winter months.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette – Last Devenmber I also ordered this eyeshadow palette in color Pillow Talk Palette of Pops. I definitelyy wanted this shimmery set for the holidays. They’re beautiful and pigmented so really make a statement. Outside of Christmas and NYE, I wore this for a wedding this year. So not something I wear very often, but they’re beautiful and I’ll def wear again this holiday season.

Amika Blowout Buffet Blow Dryer Brush Set – I haven’t used this product but when I saw my stylist in October I asked her about the Revlon blow dry brush I use and how damaging it is for your hair. She recommended the Amika brush instead. I knew there was the holiday sale upcoming and I found the brush in a set with detangling primer and dry shampoo. All three for under $100!

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener – This has been on my wish list but sold out for such a long time!! It restocked slightly before the sale started but I took my chances and waited until I could shot the sale. Luckily, it’s still available and I was able to order. Apparently it’s a quick-fix treatment that helps tighten, firm, and smooth the eye area. I’m going to pray it’s like a miracle botox (without the needles).

Laneige Midnight Minis – I keep one of these lip masks by my bed and apply every night. They hydrate and nourish lips by the morning. I really struggle with chapped lips and these really help.

Olaplex Healthy Hair Essentials – This is the first item I added to cart. This might be the best holiday kit. It includes full size items of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and an oil I’ve never used before (but excited to try). I first ordered the shampoo & conditioner when I was 4 month PP and losing more hair than I’m used to. I use it about once a week, mostly because of the price but it also repairs my hair so well, I don’t think I need to it more than 1 x week. Highly highly recommend for a good hair day!

Pink Lily Fall Haul & Thanksgiving outfit

Caitlin Covington released her fall launch with Pink Lily – I love her style so I was excited to get affordable pieces from Pink Lily. Everything looks amazing on her but, in the end, I felt like the pieces weren’t that original or unique. I had a few things too similar in my closet already. I really wanted this beautiful camel coat but it was already sold out by the time I made my purchase. Hoping for a restock, but I know how popular it is… I ended up with only one item from her collection. I’ve seen sweater dresses that are similar, but I couldn’t pass up the color… more on that later 🙂

First up is this beautiful black turtleneck knit dress. It was listed as a sweater dress, but it’s very thin in my opinion. I’d consider it a ribbed body con dress. The material is soft and stretchy though, which makes it a perfect contender for Thanksgiving…

I threw on a plaid wrap for a) warmth and b) a fall vibe. Now it looks perfect for turkey day! I’m wearing a small in the dress. The wrap is one size.

Next up is there ever so trending aztec shacket. I’ve seen this same print sold out in so many boutiques. I couldn’t believe it was still in stock at Pink Lily. Especially considering the fit – it’s cropped in the front, longer in the back, and a distressed hem. It comes in two different colors, but this teal and rush is absolutely perfect for fall. Wearing a small.

Unrelated to pink lily but, HOW CUTE ARE THESE WHITE BOOTIES? I was originally grabbing for my neutral booties but saw the white ones still in their box. I love the gold studs. Plus the color is the perfect white – not stark white but not off white either. Western style meets aztec – throw on a wide brimmed hat and this is the most stylish look ever ever.

This is probably my favorite fall look! Each piece is such a staple: the orange turtleneck sweater is a Free People find from Nordstrom sale last year (wearing an XS but wish I ordered a small for length). It works perfectly with this plaid skirt. I ordered a small and was worried about it being too short or tight. There’s no elastic in the waistband but the fit was comfortable. I like the bold color of this sweater but think it would look cute with a neutral shirt, too. Could also switch out the dark brown boots for neutral boots and this same sweater.

Ahhh this rust color dress is everything! This is in the Caitlin Covington collection! I’m wearing a small here and it’s comfortable fit, doesn’t feel too tight or too loose. I posted a pic of off the shoulder but I don’t truly think I could wear it that way because it doesn’t feel secure enough. If the XS were in stock, I would have preferred that size = I thought this wrap dress would be adjustable, but even the tie belt doesn’t have any functionality other than to give you a waist. The material feels really warm and is so soft! There’s an open back so you’ll have to plan undergarments accordingly. The length of the dress is great and I really like it paired with these knee high suede boots.

I also ordered this adorable ball cap that says Pumpkin Spice in a nice cursive font. I love this color for fall! About to grab one of the Starbucks red cups – hellooooo sugar cookie latte! Think this hat will be perfect for some basic errands 😉

Which one is your Thanksgiving vibe? Let me know if the comments below. xoxo