What Would Kiki Wear – California Edition

Earlier this year, I traveled to DFW (Texas) for my brother and sister in law’s baby shower. They welcomed a healthy baby boy in early March. Fun fact: baby boy shares a birthday with our maternal grandpa, Bumpy! (IYKYK!) Ideally, we wanted to fly to Texas this summer to meet Baby but buying three plane tickets is a little expensive + my brother, SIL, and baby are flying to Ohio this summer for July 4th weekend and again in September for a wedding. So I’ll get to spend time with them a couple of times this year, which made me feel better about this decision. We found reallllly inexpensive rates to LAX through Spirit Airlines – Thurs night – Tues afternoon. I’ve never flown them before and flying with a toddler on low budget airline made me a little nervous due to their flight schedules (only about one flight a day so if anything happens – flight delays, miss connecting flight, etc…. you’re kind of stuck at the airport until the next flight/next day. Just my thoughts). Luckily these flights were direct both ways so I felt more comfortable booking and not being stranded in another state/another airport I’m unfamiliar with.

My uncle and aunt live in Long Beach, CA and will be retiring to Spain soon. We absolutely must visit them in Spain, too, but I haven’t been out to visit them in CA and they have the cutest bungalow house with the best backyard patio. Plus, enough space for the three of us to visit for a couple of days – we had to take advantage!

We didn’t have a lot of plans, we just wanted to see their CA lifestyle, tour Long Beach, visit some beaches, eat good food… and then my aunt brought up Disneyland for our toddler!! We were able to reserve tickets (everything is online now and it’s a little annoying that the ticket prices aren’t a flat rate. It’s based on day and projected volume. We planned to go on a Monday so the tickets were pretty much what you’d predict to pay).

So now that we had a couple of ideas for activities and events to do during our trip… time to pack!

I’ll admit that I am an overpacker! Through Spirit, we paid for one check on bag. ONE. BAG. This would need to fit my clothes/shoes/toiletry, Max, and Olivia’s items… so this was a challenge. I knew that Long Beach is known for being comfortable, casual, liveable… think skateboarders… For a casual outfit, I couldn’t resist color. I brought a short, flirty, oversized dress with a tropical print from the Jojo Fletcher x Resa collab vs a pink, floral, strapless midi dress for a more fitted look. The temps in LBC dropped from what apple weather was showing as we packed. Luckily I brought a jean jacket to pair with dresses because it was colder than I prepared for.

Not that we actually had plans for a “date night” since we traveled with our toddler, but a nice dinner out was a possibility. Maxi dresses can be dressed up or down and figured they are a safe choice. A bold print would mean minimal jewelry so packed these two options for our trip. The green tropical print is another Jojo Fletcher x Resa collab and the other dress is an Amazon find. The material is a thicker, sweater style fabric. Perfect for a cool California night.

What’s Long Beach without going to… the Beach?! But actually, I text my Aunt to ask if locals went to the beach or if that was too touristy. LOL. She said locals do go to the beach and she recommended Seal Beach for families (She also grew up going there). I have a hard time deciding between a colorful suit & coverup or sticking to the basic neutral…. What’s your vote?!

Last, but not least, what’s California without a trip to… DISNEYLAND?! This wasn’t the objective of our trip, but since we had a free week day, we decided to purchase a one day ticket to Disney. I’ve been to Disney World, but never Disneyland. I hesitated thinking Olivia would be too young, but she’s so into princesses right now, I really wanted her to experience this. We’ll save the Disney World plans for when she’s a little older, but DisneyLand is perfect for now because we aren’t planning on visiting the park for more than one day.Olivia’s favorite ride was The Little Mermaid. A lot of the rides were identical to Disney World. But such a fun experience!! We didn’t bring a stroller and planned to rent one, but when Olivia was ready for a nap, I searched on the app and the stroller rentals were alllll the way at the entrance. We were in Toon Town at the very back of the park. Ugh. So Max and I grabbed a snack, sat on a bench, and to my surprise, Olivia laid down on my lap and napped!! When she woke up, we were walking through Mickey’s house and he was saying Hi to her, haha. She actually still talks about this trip and asks to go back. So special.

Sephora Spring Savings Event 2023

Happy Sephora Spring Savings Event Week!!!! This is one sale that I look forward to every year! It’s Spring, we’re all feeling refreshed and seeing sunny weather! We start craving glowy skin and also need a restock on some of our most coveted products. This is a perfect time to stock up & well as treat yoself to a couple of new products you’ve had your eye on!

Below, I’m sharing the products I recommend and use every day + a little more detail on why I love them! Also put together a graphic of a few things I ordered during the sale. I hope this helps!! I’d love to know the products you’re shopping for during the sale – leave them in the comment box below 🙂

  1. Lancome Monseur Big Mascara – I wear the shade Black. Absolutely love this mascara and have been using it for years. The applicator is thicker and I feel like it really coats my short lashes.
  2. Lancome Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Primer – This might be the secret weapon to longer lashes. This primer I use under any mascara. I apply one eye at a time and let it dry for just a couple of seconds before applying the mascara. I notice such a difference!
  3. Detox Dry Shampoo – To be honest, I went from Batiste dry shampoo to Detox brand and I’ve never looked back. This spray wins the Allure awards + is so much cleaner than Batiste. It doesn’t leave a white reidue on my brown hair and smells sooo fresh. I wash my hair twice a week and usually by two I start using this shampoo for volume + a refresh.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow – In shade Walk of No SHame (russet-rose with golden-peach sparkle). I use this eyeshadow during the week when I want to look put together without a full routine. I just apply it with my finger.
  5. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+ – I have been using a CC Cream during the day for years. I love the coverage it gives, without feeling cakey. I recently switched to the Illumination kind and looove it. I use shade Medium year round and always feel so glowy just from the product alone. This is also perfect in the summer on beach or pool days because it contains SPF 50!
  6. St. Tropez Self Tan Facial Mist Spray – I’m a big self tanner girly, but I don’t like to apply it to my face! But then I don’t want my face and neck + body to be different shades. The facial mist spray has entered the chat. I spray this as the last step of my nightly routine (or last step of my skincare routine in the morning when I forget to use it at night). It smells so good, feels hydrating, and adds color to your face without breaking you out! NGL I do spray a lot because it’s clear in color so you can’t tell where you’re applying/how much. So Spritz away!
  7. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray with Vitamin C – I had been using the original setting spray for years and recently switched to the Vitamin C kind. It doesn’t make any difference in your makeup application, so stick to whichever setting spray you prefer (definitely a necessity). I just like the added Vitamin C as the last step in my makeup routine.
  8. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm Eye Cream – This product is referred to as “botox in a bottle”. They also have a product for your face, but my fine line concerns are crows feet/around my eyes. You only need a tiny bit (+ shake the bottle first to help with the white residue it leaves) and then I dab the product in the areas I want to firm up, let it dry for 5-10 mins, without facial expressions lol and you will feel your face feeling tighter! Does it mask all of your fine lines? no. But I notice a difference in pictures when I smile using this product vs when I smile without this product. My eyes are bigger, more doe like – because I’m not squinting as much!
  9. Gucci bronzer – This is my summer bronzer, otherwise it’s too dark for me to use year round. But I looove the color. Also makes me feel fancy because Gucci. I would only buy this during the spring sale because I wouldn’t pay full price for something I won’t wear year round. Just being honest.
  10. Laneige Sleeping Mask – everyone raves about the lip mask (which I do have several of and use nightly), but this is the real MVP. First of all, it’s lavender scented so you feel like you’re at a spa! The scent alone should help you fall asleep. And when you wake up, your skin will be so hydrated and dewy. You only use this 2-3 times a week, if that!
  11. Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation – highly, highly recommended this as your special occasion foundation. I use shade 7.5 tan, peach as my year round color. Love that it’s oil free for my oily skin. Plus, it feels like silk as you’re applying it. It goes on sooo smooth and you can build the coverage in specific areas. It truly gives a beautiful glow.

My Sephora order is above! I love Monseur Big, but I wanted to try the brush applicator of Idole. I think I might like that for my every day makeup routine vs dramatic lashes that Monseur Big gives. Have you seen the viral Patrick Ta x Alix Earle vidoe?! Don’t sleep on the Eyeshadow Palette. I actually picked that up in stores because I wanted it for the weekend and knew shipping speeds would be slow. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad I ordered it on sale, vs the regular $70 price. I’ve been hoarding the Juliette wears a gun perfume – any time it’s offered as a free sample on Sephora, I grab one (or two). Finally bought the $30 tester bottle. My toddler & husband always compliment that scent! The Olaplex bonding serum is a restock. I use this every time I wash my hair and it doesn’t make my hair greasy – actually helps with the split ends! I love CC cream for summertime, but i’ve also heard great things about the Ilia skin tint, so I’m going to give this a try!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you’re getting 🙂

What Would Kiki Wear to Texas

Hey y’all! First trip of 2023 and I’m headed to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas for my sister-in-law’s baby shower! We have some extended family who live in Dallas so we plan to grab lunch with them the day we arrive. Traveling together from Columbus to Dallas is my mom, aunt, and cousin! This is about to be an epic girls weekend!

I’ve only been to TX once, when my brother lived in San Antonio. He and his wife recently moved to the Dallas area to start their own lawncare company. *Shameless Plug here* Lawn Treatment Programs – Greenskeeper Lawns (greenskeeperlawnsllc.com)

Sooo… HELP ME PACK! I feel like everywhere in TX has their own vibe and since i’ve never been to the Dallas area, i’m picturing it being faaaancy; But in Fort Worth, I picture wearing my Texas best aka western wear.

Other plans include the baby shower on Saturday. Can’t decide if I want to wear BLUE for baby boy or ORANGE to match the theme (A Cutie is on the way..). Saturday night we will grab some dinner somewhere. Recs? Sunday is brunch at T.Garcia’s hosted by the mom-and-dad-to-be. This will be in Fort Worth so we will have the rest of the day to explore the Stockyards! YEE HAW!

What Would Kiki Wear to Spain

Hi friends! If you’re new here, I traveled to Spain in June to celebrate the beautiful wedding of my brother and sister-in-law!

Leading up to the wedding I think we were all complaining about traveling international and everything that entails but after the event, we were all healthy and safe and had THE. BEST. TIME! We quickly changed our tune and thankful for all of the planning they out into their wedding + accommodations.

My favorite part of planning was… the outfits. The wedding was postponed a year so I had a lot of time to shop and find exactly what I wanted for the different wedding events. I wanted to share the collages I created and put up on IG for votes. It was so fun to see what other people like/dislike and read their messages of advice. I’ve been continuing with the collages for other trips/events I’ve had this summer. Sorry for the delay on getting these posted but I’m going to work on getting those blog posts published over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! And let me know in the comments which outfits you like or didn’t like 🙂

Olivia’s Flower Girl Debut

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since we came back from Spain! My brother and new sister-in-law finally got to celebrate their postponed wedding in Spain. I feel like, when they planned this, we were all throwing some negative energy for them and trying to talk them out of their decision… Then the pandemic and we thought they were even more crazy to postpone it vs planning it in another location (US specifically). But, now that the trip and wedding are over we all feel so thankful that they trusted themselves and stayed strong in their decision. It was BEAUTIFUL! To have so many of our family members in the same villa to celebrate love – it was so amazing!

Our girl was the one and only flower girl at their wedding. She’s two so postponing their wedding worked out in Olivia’s flower girl favor. Now she can walk herself down the aisle and do the flower girl “walk and drop” as we called it during practice. I was so nervous about her dress situation because ever since it arrived, Olivia has always said, “No, I don’t like it” and would run away. I ended up purchasing a backup dress – but even if she did wear the original dress, having a more comfortable dress to change into would be the best move.

The day of the wedding, my husband spent the day with my brother and my mom was with the bride-to-be. I got myself ready while Olivia napped so when I woke her up, I was dressed and ready to go. Then I pulled out her dress and to my surprise she said, “I’m a princess: and let me dress her without putting up any fight. Toddlers….

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It was Pinterest perfect (amazing job, Mariah!). The ceremony started and we gave Olivia her flower basket which she immediately wanted to dump out and play with the petals. The bridesmaids were already heading down the stairs and into the aisle while Olivia started a tantrum not getting to play with the petals. I ended up offering her a pacifier and we began our descent down the stairs – OMG there were so many stairs and I carried Olivia + my clutch in heels down the stairs toward the aisle. But that’s how she walked down the aisle – with this huge green pacifier! Ugh! BUT she did AMAZING! I didn’t walk with her, I let her do her thing and she smiled the WHOLE time! Walked and dropped the flowers while everyone cheered and clapped. I love that memory.

Immediately after her debut, she just wanted to sing and talk LOL but the officiant was beginning his speech so I was trying to quiet Olivia when the wedding coordinator swooped in with wedding props and that instantly did the trick! Olivia was happy, distracted, and quiet the rest of the beautiful ceremony.

I’d love to post more about our trip to Spain – let me know if that’s something you’re interested in! 🙂 xoxo

Another matching moment

I can’t take credit for this photo shoot! It was a Mommy & Me event hosted by Kindhearted Kids (a woman owned company teaching kids to be kind and encouraging the message through their events). They setup the cutest backdrop and had an on-site photographer, Layland Photography. If you’re local to Columbus, I highly recommend checking out both/either businesses. Layland Photography is owned by Ashlie who is so great to work with – I was certain Olivia wouldn’t smile in pics, but these turned out so adorable! Ashlie also offers tips for taking photos and offers mood boards for outfit Inspo when you book with her!

This matching set might be my favorite mommy & me outfit to date. I love the style of this top – sweetheart neckline and peplum bodice – so flattering! I am wearing an XS & ordered a 2T for Olivia. I thought it was supposed to be a dress but it was pretty short on her so it turned into a shirt. She’s an average height for her age (2) so not sure if this just runs a little large for toddlers. Maybe size up – worst case, it’s a little large now and they grow into it! The color of this outfit is so soft and neutral. Will work across spring & summer. Looking forward to wearing this again for St Patrick’s Day next year!! Lastly, I paired it with these beautiful lavender lace up heels from Vince Camuto. I love the color of these and have been able to pair these with multiple outfits (also worn in my last post, Mom Love Rose in the Park). The suede material is so comfortable and can be worn for several hours with no issues. Ordered my true size.

Moms Love Rosé in the Park

This is the first Mother’s Day since I’ve been a mama where we had beautiful weather!! We live in Ohio where April showers bring more May showers. It actually rained Saturday and stayed overcast. We got lucky on Sunday!

Last year, we did breakfast in bed and I thought that might be a new tradition. Nearby, we had a new market that opened with a few food vendors, a bar, speak easy, and an event center all in one building! The grand opened was last weekend (we didn’t go because, I’m not gonna lie, prefer being out in public when there aren’t big crowds. We showed up exactly at 11AM when it opened. Ordered some food and waited with mimosas on the outdoor patio. We were back at home in time for Olivia’s nap and that’s when I got our picnic basket ready: Rosé, black truffle guyere cheese, pepperoni wrapped white cheddar, wheat crackers, and dried fruit. I know these aren’t perfect pairings to rose, but it’s all about Mom and what she wants.

Truthfully, I’ve never been on a picnic. So my vision for a picnic experience might be shaped by images I’ve seen going viral, setups on TV, and on advertisements. I pictured romantic, florals, gingham, feminine…. so this dress was perfect for my vision. The right about of girly, ruffles, Peter Pan collars, pastels… everything but the gingham print (didn’t want to clash with the blanket). This dress is more of a splurge, but if you’re lucky enough to find it on a resell website, they are more affordable! I’m in between an XS/S and I’m wearing a small. The length is not too short, even with heels! It is a little looser up top and the tie string doesn’t do much to adjust that. The buttons are functional and there’s also a silver zip closure on the side.

Speaking of heels.. while it did look silly to chase my toddler around the park in heels and a dress…. how good is this combo? These suede lace up heels match the pastel florals perfectly and complete this outfit with a nice pop of color. This is my fourth time wearing these shoes and they’re extremely comfortable! I think they fit TTS.

I was able to link a very similar, if not the same picnic basket on my LTK page. This was a bridal shower gift years ago and I’ve been dying to use it! We’ve packed it on our beach vacations every year, but have only used it to carry wine to and from the beach at sunset and use the plastic cups, lol. It is a whole table setting for two – plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, s&p shakers, plus the washable blanket. Good amount of space inside too. Makes a great bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift!

Highly recommend a picnic in the park this Spring! It was really relaxing to sit around drinking rose in the sun. Let me know how in the comments how you celebrated and what your ideas are for Father’s Day, too! xoxo

Have Your Cake & Eat it TWO

Over a month late, but finally publishing this post all about Olivia’s 2nd Birthday celebration 💗. I had so much fun thinking of a theme! There are so many adorable party ideas with a pun for “two”. If Olivia got to pick, I’m sure she would have chosen a “TWO infinity and beyond party” because Toy Story and Buzz are her favorite things… But when I saw this inspo on Pinterest, I couldn’t unsee this as the theme! We bought her a kitchen set for Christmas so seeing this “baking” theme seemed perfect to incorporate her kitchen set as the main toy for all of the kids to play with. When you ask Olivia about a birthday party, her answer is, “I get cake! And a hat” *touches the top of her head* it’s so funny! I knew I wanted to get party hats for her birthday – except they ended up not being a hit, LOL! I was the only one to wear one. Keeping them all for another time.

The cake & cupcakes were all made by Sugar & Swirl – one of my friends I used to work with at a local meal prepping company started her own baking business on the side. She is AMAZING! She made the cake plus 4 different flavors of cupcakes and everyone complimented each one! The Smore’s were definitely the favorite! I ordered circus animal cookie mini cupcakes for the kids (so nostalgic), cinnamon roll cupcakes (topped with an actual mini cinnamon roll), and I ordered vegan chocolate covered strawberry for anyone with that preference.

The cupcake wrappers, party hats, and cupcake toppers were all purchased from the cutest Etsy shop – Pretty Plain Paper! She has so many different themes/designs to choose from – anything from the invitations to party decor! Birthdays, holidays, etc. I will definitely be shopping from her again. It was convenient to purchase and have the designs emailed to me immediately! Then I sent to my local Staples and cut out, taped/stapled as needed. It didn’t take that long to put everything together! Taped a toothpick to the cupcake toppers, cut out the wrappers and taped those on the day of the party to ensure they fit the cupcakes. For the party hats, I cut out, taped together, and then glued a little pom pom on top. I also purchased elastic string and attached with tape. It all held together pretty well! Just wish Olivia actually wore her hat… she was all excited to see them but always refused to wear a hat, lol!

All links are at the bottom of the post. What have been some of your favorite birthday party themes?! Let me know in the comments!

This sweet dress is from Jamie Kay Clothing. I can’t link on LTK but here’s the website: https://jamiekay.com
Toddler tulle skirt is also Jamie Kay: https://jamiekay.com

Party Decor Linked Below:

Outfit Details:

2022 Sephora Spring Savings Event

IT’S HEREEEE!! The Spring Savings Event at Sephora were you can save 10, 15, or 20 percent off your purchase! This is a great time to stock up on your favorite items, try something new, or SPLURGE!!! I can’t WAIT to share what I purchased from the sale. I took advantage and bought a big ticket item I’ve been wanting for a long time. Also ordered a few new things to try and will report back!

I’m getting a chemical peel this Thursday that won’t be healed for a week so even though my products are arriving this weekend, I won’t get to enjoy them until my skin heels. the anticipation…. The below graphic outlines the details of the Spring Savings event. Keep scrolling to read and learn more about my top recommendations. Happy Shopping 🙂

1. Makeup Eraser 2. Prime and Prep Detangler 3. Dry Shampoo 4. All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 5. St Tropez Self Tanning 6. Laneige Lavender Sleep Mask 7. Lamcome lash primer and mascara set 8. Laura Mercier setting powder 9. Dr Dennis Gross Microderm pads 10. Gucci foundation 11. Nars lipgloss 12. St Tropez Face Tanning Mist 13. Olaplex shampoo

Makeup Eraser – These are a great way to remove your makeup at night. I used to use a makeup wipe and then wash my face but I will still leaving a lot of dirty makeup on my towel. These helps scrub your face and you feel really clean. Plus washable so use once, get all of your makeup off, throw in the dirty laundry. It’s a set so should last you all week!

Drybar Prime and Prep Detangler – This stuff smells so good! I re-ordered during the sale but think I chose the other scent to try. I know I recommend the pink bottle though. I spray it on wet hair and comb through. It’s also a heat protectant. My hair feels so soft using this product.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo – THE. BEST. EVER. EVER. Smells clean and makes my hair clean. I have dark hair and it does come out in a white powder but shake through your hair and it disappears. Buy the BIG CAN!

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – Ever wish there was a hairspray for your makeup? This. Is. IT! I’ve used for years and love how my makeup looks at the end of the day. I also ordered their New setting spray with Vitamin C as part of the Sephora sale.

St Tropez Self Tanner – With a baby, I didn’t have a lot of time for myself out in the sun. I’m balancing nap times, cooking, cleaning, etc so finding a good self tanner is key to feeling my best in the summer. I love the express one hour tanner by St Tropez, too. This gives you the prettiest bronze color and is hydrating, too!

Laneige Lavender Sleep Mask – I bought this with last year’s sale and it’s lasted me a full year! The directions say to use 2-3 times a week. You don’t need a lot and it smells sooo good (it’s lavender and very relaxing). When I wake up in the mornings, my skin is too plump and hydrated. There’s a few different scents – check it out.

Lancome lash primer and mascara set – The best primer and mascara ever ever – run, don’t walk to this set!

Laura Mercier setting powder – I truly love anything Laura Mercier. I use this setting powder after applying my foundation and concealer. It prevents creasing and and oil. Gives skin a beautiful finish!

Dr Dennis Gross Microderm pads – This is a great splurge item in the sale. I didn’t stock up this time because I’ve been getting chemical peels, but with consistent use, I love how it keeps my skin clear and useful.

Gucci foundation – My every day foundation is CC Cream (during the week) and Laura Mercier (on the weekends). But holidays and events, I switch it up to Gucci foundation! It blends really well, gives you a glow, and it medium coverage.

Nars lipgloss in shade orgasm – If you love Nars blush in shade Orgasm, you will love this lipgloss. This is the prettiest pink, especially in the summer, after you’ve used your self tanner 😉

St Tropez Face Tanning Mist – I forgot to mention I don’t use self tanner on my face. I have sensitive skin and I’m too concerned it will break out. Instead, I spray this facial mist. It smells amazing and works pretty fast. I always tend to over spray because it doesn’t have color when it initially sprays and then after a few hours I look a little orange.. need to find a good balance, but it works!! And, most importantly, doesn’t make me break out.

Olaplex shampoo – The conditioner is also amazing but it’s an expensive set so if you have to choose one, order the Shampoo! I only use the shampoo & conditioner on Friday’s. It gives my hair amazing volume, shine, and style and lasts all weekend. There’s a lt of good protein and nutrients so you probably only need to wash your hair with this shampoo once x week.

Hope this helps!! Love hearing what your ordered in the Sephora sale!! Leave your recommendations below… xoxo