Wine down Summer

This was too cute to leave out
The shirt is longer than I wanted – this is the length before hemming
The inside space at Coast Wine House is GOALS
Our view on the front porch

This week marked the first day of fall. I love summer but it also doesn’t feel like summer when you’re working from home, wearing sweatpants and only leaving the house when you have plans. Summer is normally extremely busy and filled with a lot of pool days. So I’m not too mad that fall has arrived. I’ve already greeted pumpkin in the form of coffee, creamer, and muffins. I’m planning a Trader Joe’s haul this weekend to clear them out of anything related to pumpkin – Sorry in advance, Easton Towne Center!

I planned a wine night with one of my girlfriends at a fairly new wine bar in Dublin, Ohio. I’m on the east side of Columbus and Dublin is on the West so I never venture to that side of town. But Coast Wine House was the perfect spot to meet. They were hosting an Italian Holiday pop-up, featuring wine and food from Italy. We actually ordered cocktails and bought wine to take home. The shareable food was light and refreshing, even Olivia enjoyed the corn and burrata salad! We sat at a table for two on the front porch and it was the perfect setting. Definitely recommend checking out Coast Wine House for a drink, a bite to eat, or for a small party/gathering.

The mix of “Italian Holiday” plus a coastal vibe had me SET one wearing this matching set from Petal and Pup. I ordered it during their July 4th drop but hadn’t planned on wearing it for any 4th of July activities. I loved the European vibe it’s giving off. Plus you can mix and match the pieces – pair the shorts with another top and the top with jeans and white birks or sneakers for a casual fit.

I will let you in on a secret… the length of the shirt covered the shorts in the back so it was much longer than I wanted. I ordered some hemming tape off of Amazon, rolled up the hem of the shirt to the height of the tape, and ironed it. It worked perfectly and you couldn’t even tell. Some reviews said the tape dissolved in the wash, which I was okay with because this was more of a temporary fix; However, I washed the outfit and everything stayed intact!

I still have a few summer posts to catch up on, so you may not see fall Inspo until mid October! I still need to re-arrange my closet and pull out my fall items anyway :). It’s such a project..

Willamette Valley Wine

Two words: Pinot Noir. Ever since we went to Napa two years ago searching for Pinot Noir, we kept hearing Willamette Valley. The wine in Napa is amazing and it’s been one of my favorite trips so far. But when we had an opportunity to travel to Oregon for a friends wedding, we extended our trip to spend time in Willamette valley.

We first did a quick google search on the best Pinot Noir in Willamette Valley. One of the top three places was near our final destination on the coast. So we decided that would be the winery we’d visit and assumed we’d need to call and make a reservation. Then we shut the computer lid and never made a winery reservation, Lol!

We left Portland on a Sunday and drove about 30 mins to Willamette. Whichever route we took, had us driving through small suburbs and it was crazy at one point to think our ETA to vineyards was 10 mins and we’re passing a Chik-fil-A right now. Again, basing this off my trip to Napa.

We arrived in McMinnville and parked at Domaine Drouhin which is the winery we chose online. But, of course, on a Sunday during a pandemic, they were completely booked! We knewww we should have called and pre-arranged a tasting, but we didn’t. Oops. They were also booked up the following day, which we would have had an opportunity to pass through again on our way back to Portland for our red eye flight. So, okay, they’re booked, but there’s several wineries nearby so we just drove to a neighboring winery. Butttt they were booked all day Sunday, too!

So, omg, I start to panic (dramatic, I know). We were literally driving around and wineries had their numbers listed at the entrance. Finally, we found one that could get us in for a tasting if we could be there in 5 mins. Well lucky us, we will just drive down your entrance and be there in .5 seconds.

The winery was cute – it’s where the picture in front of wine barrels was taken but in the cluster of everything, I’m not even sure where we stopped! We ordered a charcuterie board with our wine and once we finished up, decided to keep heading to the coast. I called a few more wineries that looked pretty to make an appointment for Monday. We landed at Domaine Serene for Monday. It was suuuuper fancy. The views were a lot prettier on the terrace. The wine was delicious (but the pours were smallll ;)).

This dress is the perfect winery dress. The gingham print says picnic in the park. The rouching and ruffles are extremely flattering and the ties are adjustable. Be careful, the ties are a little difficult to keep even and look perfect. I paired with these white braided heels that are actually very comfortable. I do think the outfit was a little dressy for Oregon – it would be perfect in Napa. Oregon is more neutral tones. But I make an entrance. I’m so happy we were able to experience a very small part of Willamette.

Of course I wore this dress for both Sunday and Monday wine tastings 🙂 I originally saw this dress on Red Dress Boutique but it sold out before I could get my hands on it. I love the slimming rouching and ruffles of the dress. The ties on the shoulder make the dress adjustable, although, it’s harder to tie a pretty bow than you think, ha! I originally saw this dress on Red Dress Boutique but it was sold out before I could get my hands on it (linked on the LTK carousel above). I signed up for restock notifications but I found and purchased the exact dress from Avanti the label (Fourth or Fifth time I’ve mentioned this online boutique).

I’m so happy we had the opportunity to travel to Oregon and explore a small part of Willamette. I’d recommend to do your research and don’t forget to make a reservation to ensure you get into the wineries you want 🙂 xoxo

Labor Day and Lobsters

Where did summer go?! At least we enjoyed a nice long weekend as a family! Thinking about the end of summer also has me thinking about the outfits I haven’t had an opportunity to wear :(. This floral onesie is one of the first items I purchased for Olivia at the beginning of summer for our trip to Martha’s Vineyard. At the end of July, I purchased this women’s dress because the print is almost identical to the baby onesie. But by the end of summer, I’m running out of reasons to dress up! So why not create my own? Not gonna lie, this dress may have sparked the need for homemade lobster rolls. The print just screams New England to me. When I saw Luke’s Maine Lobster meat was available at Whole Foods, I decided to order it! The reviews were great, lots of mentions about the meat being generous portions as well as tasting great! I couldn’t find any ‘split top rolls’ and I didn’t want just plain hot dog buns, so I compromised with some brioche buns. They were fresh and fluffier than hot dog buns. I decided to serve the lobster hot so sautéed the meat in some oil in a frying pan. I added a little mayo, lemon juice, and a few pinches of the seasoning that came with the meat. Once cooked, I added to the brioche buns, added a little butter to the frying pan and then browned the meat and buns. Served with homemade French fries (roasted with some salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, and cumin in the oven at 400*) and some buttered frozen corn (would have preferred corn on the cob, but it’s too late in the season for fresh corn on the cob). Finally, can’t forget the white wine! Since I was ordering from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, my choices were limited. I chose the Butter Chardonnay – the price point and taste are excellent. It was a perfect pairing! *Chef’s kiss*

Okay, you’ve waiting long enough….. THIS DRESS. It is a Reformation DUPE! I’ve also seen a similar version floating around on chic wish but I wasn’t successful at searching for it at the moment. I ordered it from Avanti the label (here). This is the THIRD Avanti dress I’ve blogged about so you should know by now this boutique is the real deal! I’m wearing a small, but it does fit a little snug. The length is perfect on me (I’m 5’3″). The ruffle hem is so romantic. I can’t wait to wear this dress OUT OF THE HOUSE. But the white and blue was perfect for Labor Day festivities. The straps are adjustable but I didn’t want to risk untying the perfect bow! I also didn’t want to risk getting any butter or oil and ruining the delicate fabric during dinner. These lobster bibs were perfect and festive for our event! Olivia wore hers for .5 seconds before she was realized she could rip it off, lol.

I’ll be back next week to wrap up our trip to Oregon, specifically exploring the Willamette Valley. xoxo

West Coast but make it freezing

In early July, we flew for the first time since August 2019! We love to travel and fly several times a year. We still aren’t feeling 100% flying again but one of my husbands best friends was getting married in Portland so we made the journey. We wore our masks the entire time, which was tough because we had not one but TWO connecting flights in the way there. It was our first time to Portland and Oregon so we were excited for a new state to explore.

When I think of Oregon, I’m picturing earth tones so I packed a lot of browns and greens. Well, except for the coral dress I wore at the actual wedding haha. When I saw this sea foam dress online, I knew it would be perfect for the Oregon coast! The jersey material is relaxed and comfortable. I paired it with flat sandals to match the relaxed vibe of the fishing town. The material is extremely soft! How flattering is this one shoulder? I can see the color and style of this dress being a great transitional piece. I had wanted to purchase the XS but it wasn’t available. I ordered the small and it actually fit perfectly! I don’t think I would have been comfortable in a tighter fit. I purchased the dress full price, but it’s ON SALE for under $50. Check out my link above.

On the flight there, I actually told max “I forgot my swimsuit!” He then assured me the beach wouldn’t be a place to layout. But neither of us were ready for the freezing temperatures on the coast (Exhibit A – my face should be proof of how unexpectedly chilly it was, LOL)! We rented a car and drove from Portland to Yachtas (with a few stops in between) and watched the temp fall 20 Degrees. Lawwwwd!

Yachtas was recommended to us by the groom. He said it’s a quaint little fishing town with a brewery. We arrived in Yachtas an hour after the brewery closed, boooo. We really didn’t do our homework before this trip. The only thing we planned was our stay at the Overleaf Lodge. I absolutely loved our hotel! At check in, we got to choose from a selection of adult beverages! We stayed on the first floor and had a walkout patio with two adorandack chairs that overlooked the ocean. We were on a path to the downtown area but it was so windy and chilly outside that we took the first stop off the path we found. It was the next door hotel but it had a restaurant. We sat indoors by the window and ate terrific seafood. It was too cold to enjoy a bottle of wine on our hotel room patio, which was the intent. Instead we drank wine indoors with the window open so we could hear the waves breaking. Same same but different.

The next day we explored the walking path while we still had the warmth of the sun. Then we grabbed coffee/pastries from a local coffee shop and headed back to Portland with a stop in Willamette Valley. We had a whole day to explore because we were on a red eye back to Ohio. That part of the trip is next on What Kiki Wore 🙂

What I wore in Martha’s Vineyard

Our week long vacation to Martha’s Vineyard consists mostly of going to the beach and hanging out at the house. Max & I always do one date night and we’re able to continue that tradition again, even though our daughter was with us (grandparents make the best babysitters 🤣)

Outfits inspo included in this post: travel outfit, brunch date, beach day, mommy and me matching (a must whether you’re on vacation, or not), and date night.

Travel outfit: This was our first long road trip with a baby. In fact, our one year old has never been in the car longer than a 1.5 hour stretch! We expected the worst, packed enough snacks, activities, and coco melon songs to make it straight through! I knew I’d be splitting my time in the passenger seat but also crammed in the back with Olivia to keep her busy. I needed comfort but was struggling to look cute once we reached Woods Hole and would be grabbing dinner/drinks at The Lookout Restaurant. This chambray jumpsuit was the answer! It is a jumpsuit and there are buttons, which cuts into your time at a rest stop. But, it’s functional and adorable! Paired with a white bralette for comfort and a headband turban for fashion.

Brunch outfit: another tradition I’ve made on the island, is to grab an açaí bowl from Blissed Out MV. I’ve been stopping here for years and more recently, they’ve added the cutest patio. Bright and colorful and tables are pretty available since we hit the towns on the “rainy” days. This white shirt dress from Petal and Pup has been sold out for awhile. As soon as it restocked, I jumped on the opportunity. Three quarter length sleeves, ruffle hem, and v neck make this the perfect style for summer! I loved pairing it with a straw hat from a local island hat boutique and fun sandals. You can also peep my straw purse! It’s been the best summer purse and it’s such a statement piece that it always gets a compliment!

Beach Day: This polka dot one piece is the Pink Lily x Caitlin Covington collection. This is my first one piece but the print and style is so feminine, I want to purchase more!! The straps are removable and so is the belt. Luckily, the material of the belt is made to last in water so you don’t have to worry about removing it. I love that it cinches your waist and gives you shape while wearing a one piece.

Mommy & Me matching: who doesn’t love a good matching set? To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer. While the designs are cute, the print is a little too colorful and loud for my style. There’s a Lilly Pulitzer boutique on the island so when I saw this matching set, I knew I had to pack it for the vineyard. I love the bright top and pairing it with white pants to keep it neutral. The cowl neck is very flattering and the straps are adjustable. I love this bubble dress with matching bloomers for baby. We wore our matching outfits around edgartown and I noticed a few other moms matching their daughters. It will never get old for me!

Date Night: another loud and colorful dress. But I love the tie dye look! Sunset on the vineyard is one of my favorite memories. And this dress definitely reminds me of the sky after sunset – naturally, I had to take a pic! It’s already cinched at the waist so the tie belt isn’t really functional but I love the texture it adds to the dress. It gets chilly at nights (at least in June) so having long sleeves to wear during the evening was perfect. The dress is also a really good length. I was worried about it being too mini but I was able to wear it with heels (I’m 5’3” for reference). I purchased from a small boutique based in Charlotte. They’re not yet on LTK, but an exact link to the dress can be found here.

We tried out a new restaurant to us for dinner – Garde East. The location sits right on the harbor in vineyard Haven. The wine selection is impressive! They also have a beautiful bar area so I can see us grabbing drinks here on the water on our next visit!

That wraps up my Martha’s Vineyard vacation posts! It’s a really casual trip but it’s so fun to pack some dressier items too! Next up will be some posts about our trip to Portland, OR… Stay tuned! Xoxo

Blue Hydrangeas, Lavender Dress

For the last 7 years, I’ve been. going to Martha’s Vineyard to vacation with my husband & in-laws. There’s so much I look forward to every year: reading on the beach, the beautiful sunsets, the seafood (lobster rolls!), shopping in Edgartown, the gingerbread houses, aaaand the blue hydrangeas!

I found this dress on an online boutique and it instantly painted a memory of the Vineyard for me. I love the hydrangea print and I’ve never seen anything like this. The midi length is comfortable, the smocked top is flattering, and the tie back is a SHOW STOPPER!

This is the perfect vacation dress – I can see packing it on a winery tour, date night, beach weekend, or lunch date. It fits true to size and the tie in the back can make it how tight or how loose you want it!

The price is just under $70. I can ‘t link it on LTK because the boutique isn’t affiliated, but here’s the direct link to the dress. Check out the other items they offer and only $30 more gets you free shipping!

I paired this with a denim jacket for dinner and sunset. I’d love to dress it up next time with nude or white heels!

Next post will be a roundup of what I wore for the week we were on the island (waaay back in June). I’m a little behind on my blog, but I’ll get caught up and then I plan to jump into dressing for Fall weather (do you like pumpkin everything or are you normal?) stay tuned! Xoxo

#NSale 2021

I love this Club Monaco top. It was an item I purchased in store after seeing it on the floor.  The fringe is so fun and the material is great quality.  Wearing an XS.
The flannel is super oversized.  My original order of an XS got canceled but I was able to re-order a Small and I think it still works.  Wearing a S in the off the shoulder top.  The material is sooo soft and I love the neutral color.  The Free People bralette is beautiful and I have in two colors (black and white).  A few colors are on sale, check them out if you like color
This is the shacket I purchased.  I love the brand and I love the print.  The navy plaid is more subtle than the other similar products in the sale.  Wearing an XS.  Leather skirt is old but linked the exact product because there’s one size left.
THe bobble cardigan was another in store purchase. I think it’s so cozy and will get a lot of use this fall/winter (…especially with the hybrid work situation. It’s col d in my house and I was always bundled up last winter).

Since January I have been so consistent publishing posts once a week….until June, when summer took over!

Taking my baby to the beach for the first time, hopping on my first flight since August 2019, exploring a new city (Portland, Oregon), celebrating my birthday… there’s a lot of content to catch up on! J

I’ve been so excited to shop and cover the Nordstrom sale this year, but in my opinion, after viewing the preview, there weren’t a lot of pieces that stood out to me.  I knew going into the sale I wanted to purchase a shacket for the upcoming fall, a new pair of denim, and, of course, shop the shoes!  The only item I was successful in finding was a shacket…. A new shacket, hat, bobble cardigan, and a couple tops later, I had ordered everything I wanted!  My shopping day opened on July 14th which is the day I returned from Oregon.  I placed an online order and then packed up my baby girl and headed to my local store to pickup and shop more in store items.  Other than baby trying to escape under the door of the fitting room, we had a great day shopping together!!

I made up some collages of my Nordstrom picks…. Better late than never!  The last day to shop the sale is todayyyy!  If you’re reading this, you’re interested in shopping sale and have probably already purchased your favorite items.  So, if nothing else, my hope is that I can provide from style inspo with your new purchases!

Happy NSale Shopping!!

Father’s Day Celebration

Is it just me or is it tough to buy for the Dad in your life?? Six months ago was Christmas, three months ago was this guy’s birthday, and now we’re celebrating and thanking him for being a great Daddy! But, man! You can only gift him so many bottles of whiskey….

When a local butcher shop opened up in my town I thought it would be fun to order something my dad can’t get at his local grocery store. That’s one of my dad’s favorite things to do when he tries a new restaurant, travels, etc. “What is exclusive here, what are you known for, what can’t I get anywhere else…” These tomahawk steaks I picked up were dry aged for 45 days. We heated the grill for about 15 minutes and then grilled the steaks for a few minutes each side. Perfection! I made the Mexican street corn from my last post, potato wedges, and asparagus. Had so have something healthy in here! I know my dad has been thinking about the steaks all week! It was a great dinner to honor my Dad. I would definitely gift something like this again and I’d absolutely recommend checking out Macellaria If you’re local!

We celebrated with my dad a week early because we will be on vacation over Father’s Day weekend with my in-laws. This weekend, we will celebrate my Father-in-law and my husband! We will arrive to the beach on Saturday night. Sunday being Father’s Day, the plan is to spend the day at the beach and hit up a brewery later on.

I ordered this hilarious mug for Max. I found a company on Etsy that can turn your face into a simpsons character! Ever since Olivia was a newborn, Max has watched the simpsons with her! Just here and there – I think the show is nostalgic for him. But, now that she’s one, she’s recognizing the show and laughs when she hears the theme song.

This is a stock photo on their website
This is the proof they sent me from the photos I submitted

It’s really cool that you can choose how many faces you want on your mug (including pets!) And you can submit multiple photos for the faces on the mug. Believe it or not, we didn’t have a recent family photo. Okay, don’t believe that because we DID take a photo on Easter but it was outdoors and Max was wearing sunglasses. So instead, I submitted a recent photo of Max and I all dressed up at a friends wedding and then a recent and new favorite picture of Olivia. This shop combined my two photos to create this mug! I ordered the mug a little early because I didn’t know how long processing would take. The shop is located in NY which is fairly fast shipping to Ohio. The shop owner got back to me the very next day with my proof! Incredible turn around time! My plan is to surprise him on vacation with the mug. I’ll offer to pour him a cup of coffee in the morning and will test to see how long it takes for him to recognize he’s not drinking from a random mug at the rental property, haha!

Happy Father’s Day to your families!! Hope you can all spend quality time together – would love to hear your plans in the comments <3 xoxo

Tropical Fish Taco + Mexican Street Corn

A couple weekends ago, the weather was rainy and cold. We didn’t have any plans and didn’t really feel like leaving the house with such crappy weather. Instead, we brought something tropical to us! I had a craving for tacos and my husband had the brilliant idea to make fish tacos with the leftover fresh pineapple we had!

I placed an Amazon fresh order and groceries were delivered to our house a few hours later. I honestly didn’t go by a recipe but wishing I had! There are some delicious avocado cream recipes circulating Pinterest, yummm! But, I also knew that I wasn’t selecting our produce and that I’d get a rock hard avocado, not ready to be prepared, hah! I did the next best thing and ordered guacamole 🙂

For our side dish, I didn’t stress about counting calories. It was a Saturday night after all… I added ingredients to make Mexican street corn. Smoky flavor to compliment the sweet pineapple. Mexican street corn is so good! Probably because it’s mostly Mayo and don’t skimp on it!

I need to practice my flat lays but I find it tough to photograph food. Plus I’m in a hurry to cook so I can EAT! I used cod instead of tilapia. Fresh was out of their homemade pineapple salsa but Newman’s is very tasty! More sweet than spicy – good balance. I also ordered coleslaw mix because it’s essentially the same as thinly slicing cabbage and carrots. I really don’t see the difference, lol. For the street corn, I used feta because we already had some in the fridge.

I searched Pinterest and found this recipe which closely resembles how I made our tacos, in case you want inspo!

If you try this recipe let me know! We’re heading to Martha’s Vineyard in a little over a week – can’t wait to take you along! xoxo

Patriotic style

Land of the FREE because of the brave! To our fallen soldiers, your sacrifice is appreciated, not only on Memorial Day but every day.

We had a very quiet Memorial Day. The weather all weekend was pretty chilly – when is the last time Memorial Day Weekend has been cold?! It actually made it tough to dress for the weather, ha! It warmed up to high 70’s on Monday so we headed to a nearby brewery and enjoyed a beer on the patio.

I love how you can’t tell this set is two pieces! This cami top with a cowl neck is extremely flattering. The fabric is lightweight and very comfortable. Unfortunately, the top and shorts are sold separately. The reviews on this set almost scared me away, some comments mentioned how oversized, baggy, and one even mentioned the set looked like pajamas. I sized down in both pieces and think they fit great! The shorts have an elastic waistband which, again, makes this very comfortable. They’re flowy and have a beautiful ruffle hem – which almost can pass as a skirt. I paired this rattan belt around the waistband to make the look even more seamless. I liked the look without the belt too (I’ll share a photo below). I also grabbed a denim jacket before walking out the door. Final accessory was red lipstick to keep up with the red, white, and blue theme! This is cute inspo for both July 4th and Labor Day.