Olivia’s Flower Girl Debut

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since we came back from Spain! My brother and new sister-in-law finally got to celebrate their postponed wedding in Spain. I feel like, when they planned this, we were all throwing some negative energy for them and trying to talk them out of their decision… Then the pandemic and we thought they were even more crazy to postpone it vs planning it in another location (US specifically). But, now that the trip and wedding are over we all feel so thankful that they trusted themselves and stayed strong in their decision. It was BEAUTIFUL! To have so many of our family members in the same villa to celebrate love – it was so amazing!

Our girl was the one and only flower girl at their wedding. She’s two so postponing their wedding worked out in Olivia’s flower girl favor. Now she can walk herself down the aisle and do the flower girl “walk and drop” as we called it during practice. I was so nervous about her dress situation because ever since it arrived, Olivia has always said, “No, I don’t like it” and would run away. I ended up purchasing a backup dress – but even if she did wear the original dress, having a more comfortable dress to change into would be the best move.

The day of the wedding, my husband spent the day with my brother and my mom was with the bride-to-be. I got myself ready while Olivia napped so when I woke her up, I was dressed and ready to go. Then I pulled out her dress and to my surprise she said, “I’m a princess: and let me dress her without putting up any fight. Toddlers….

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It was Pinterest perfect (amazing job, Mariah!). The ceremony started and we gave Olivia her flower basket which she immediately wanted to dump out and play with the petals. The bridesmaids were already heading down the stairs and into the aisle while Olivia started a tantrum not getting to play with the petals. I ended up offering her a pacifier and we began our descent down the stairs – OMG there were so many stairs and I carried Olivia + my clutch in heels down the stairs toward the aisle. But that’s how she walked down the aisle – with this huge green pacifier! Ugh! BUT she did AMAZING! I didn’t walk with her, I let her do her thing and she smiled the WHOLE time! Walked and dropped the flowers while everyone cheered and clapped. I love that memory.

Immediately after her debut, she just wanted to sing and talk LOL but the officiant was beginning his speech so I was trying to quiet Olivia when the wedding coordinator swooped in with wedding props and that instantly did the trick! Olivia was happy, distracted, and quiet the rest of the beautiful ceremony.

I’d love to post more about our trip to Spain – let me know if that’s something you’re interested in! 🙂 xoxo

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