Christmas Family Photos 2021

One of my favorite Black Friday deals is from CVS! They offer 50% off photo orders so I use that as an opportunity to upgrade to the gold foil option. I discovered this deal last year and was excited to see the deal return this year, too. I used our fall family photos because, at the time, I didn’t know we were getting these Christmas photos.

My husband and I both work for Corporate Retail and his employer offered these free 10 minute photo sessions. It cracks me up that she didn’t want to smile in any of these pics! She’s still so adorable. It was such a beautiful setup! And while we waited for our turn, they had a coffee bar and Cheryl’s cookies available outside. We lucked out with a sunny day, too! Which was very fortunate since it was about a 30 minute wait and I was in a mini skirt.

I wasn’t sure what the background setting was going to look like, but I knew Olivia was going to wear this ivory dress with a fur collar. So I based my outfit around the same colors. I ordered this leather skirt in fall 2020. It’s out of stock now, but I did link a similar one from another retailer! The sweater was a last purchase from Revolve. Thank goodness for their two day shipping times. It was actually on sale when I ordered it but I see it’s back to full price. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to wear this, but I wanted to option. I love the shoulder and back cutout! It turns an a sophisticated ivory turtleneck sweater into something sexy. I normally order a S in sweaters because I don’t like them tight but they only had an XS available. It fits well but it is shorter or more cropped than I expected. Maybe the S would have been a better length but I plan to wear this sweater with skirts and high waisted jeans anyway.

Olivia’s been pretty opinionated about everything she wears: hats, shoes, mittens, coats, pajamas, and every day outfits. I gave her a choice of this white dress or a green velvet jumpsuit with gold embroidery and a fur coat. Tried the jumpsuit first but she didn’t even want to put it on. But had no problem with this dress. I think I saw Sarah Knuth post about this: she picks out two clothing options she likes and then lets her kids choose the outfit. Going to try that from now on. Any other mamas have any tips for opinionated toddlers 🙂

More Holiday content coming your way next week… xoxo

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