DIY Halloween Costume (for Toddlers)

Officially that mom who makes their kids Halloween costumes, lol! By “make” I really mean glue a boa to a shirt (*wipes off hands*). This costume turned out so cute!!! It was her second Halloween, but the first time we went Trick-or-Treating.

One of her first words was Duck and even before she could say the word, she understood what a Duck was. She’d point it out, she got excited when she heard a “quack” sound and always wanted her rubber duckie to hold. So I’ve known for awhile that I wanted to do this specific costume. I was worried about the hat because she haaaates hats and always pulls them off. Even when we received this hat in the mail, she wouldn’t keep it on. But pair it with the rest of the costume and she kept it on all night long! Even asked for it when it fell off. Even though feathers were shedding everywhere, this was so much fun!! We got a lot of compliments while we were out. It all went by so fast 🙁 Our Trick-Or-Treat is from 5:30-7pm and by the time you get something to eat, dress the kid(s), take all of the pics, and race through the houses in your neighborhood, it’s over in a flash! Guess this takes practice…

Everything you need for a Duckie costume is linked below:

Amazon Prime these items for Halloween weekend:

The exact products used in Olivia’s Halloween costume:

I love the duck slippers because they do have a sole on the bottom so I didn’t have to worry about Olivia not being in shoes. Plus she loves wearing the slippers around the house, especially since we have hardwood floors. The fleece lining keeps her toes warm. Her pants and shirt were ordered from Primary Clothing. I’ve never heard of this company but I was so confident ordering through them because I knew I’d get the exact yellow and orange that I was looking for. The boa was ordered from Amazon and was the perfect yellow to the shirt. I thought that was going to be such a challenge to match! I’d highly recommend using this company if you’re ever in need of something in a particular color. Link to the shirt and pants found here.

So I need to know for next year…. Do you dress up with your kids for Halloween on Trick or Treat night?? I think it’s so cute but also involves extra work 🙂 Leave me some ideas below!!! xoxo

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