Father’s Day Celebration

Is it just me or is it tough to buy for the Dad in your life?? Six months ago was Christmas, three months ago was this guy’s birthday, and now we’re celebrating and thanking him for being a great Daddy! But, man! You can only gift him so many bottles of whiskey….

When a local butcher shop opened up in my town I thought it would be fun to order something my dad can’t get at his local grocery store. That’s one of my dad’s favorite things to do when he tries a new restaurant, travels, etc. “What is exclusive here, what are you known for, what can’t I get anywhere else…” These tomahawk steaks I picked up were dry aged for 45 days. We heated the grill for about 15 minutes and then grilled the steaks for a few minutes each side. Perfection! I made the Mexican street corn from my last post, potato wedges, and asparagus. Had so have something healthy in here! I know my dad has been thinking about the steaks all week! It was a great dinner to honor my Dad. I would definitely gift something like this again and I’d absolutely recommend checking out Macellaria If you’re local!

We celebrated with my dad a week early because we will be on vacation over Father’s Day weekend with my in-laws. This weekend, we will celebrate my Father-in-law and my husband! We will arrive to the beach on Saturday night. Sunday being Father’s Day, the plan is to spend the day at the beach and hit up a brewery later on.

I ordered this hilarious mug for Max. I found a company on Etsy that can turn your face into a simpsons character! Ever since Olivia was a newborn, Max has watched the simpsons with her! Just here and there – I think the show is nostalgic for him. But, now that she’s one, she’s recognizing the show and laughs when she hears the theme song.

This is a stock photo on their website
This is the proof they sent me from the photos I submitted

It’s really cool that you can choose how many faces you want on your mug (including pets!) And you can submit multiple photos for the faces on the mug. Believe it or not, we didn’t have a recent family photo. Okay, don’t believe that because we DID take a photo on Easter but it was outdoors and Max was wearing sunglasses. So instead, I submitted a recent photo of Max and I all dressed up at a friends wedding and then a recent and new favorite picture of Olivia. This shop combined my two photos to create this mug! I ordered the mug a little early because I didn’t know how long processing would take. The shop is located in NY which is fairly fast shipping to Ohio. The shop owner got back to me the very next day with my proof! Incredible turn around time! My plan is to surprise him on vacation with the mug. I’ll offer to pour him a cup of coffee in the morning and will test to see how long it takes for him to recognize he’s not drinking from a random mug at the rental property, haha!

Happy Father’s Day to your families!! Hope you can all spend quality time together – would love to hear your plans in the comments <3 xoxo

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