A 3-ingredient breakfast for Mother’s Day

This was my second Mother’s Day and the second year in a row where the weather hasn’t cooperated. My only request for the day was to have breakfast served to me in bed! Let’s be real, we wake up before 8am around here so what nearby restaurant was going to have take out ready that early in the morning? I actually ordered groceries for the weekend and added these three ingredients (Okay, 5 if you include champagne and OJ… mimosas are a must!): Pillsbury flaky biscuits, Nutella, and strawberries.

I even took the liberty of preparing the raw biscuits so that all my husband had to do on Sunday morning was heat them in the waffle maker. These are so easy to make! I was worried that one pack of 8 biscuits would then make 4 waffles. Take one biscuit and cut in half – which was the hardest part because of the raw dough. Spread Nutella on one (or both) biscuits. Cut up strawberry and place on top of Nutella. Fold the other half of biscuit over the Nutella and strawberries. Use a fork to press down and ensure that both biscuits form a seam around the edges. Heat in waffle maker. Top with maple syrup, whipped cream, choc chips, more fruit – whatever toppings you prefer! I’ll be making these again! Enjoy! 🙂


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