Closet Reno

Our house was built in 1923 and I actually think we lucked out with closet storage! We don’t have an owner’s suite, but we do have TWO closets of the same size on either side of our bedroom. It might not be large enough to hold allll of my clothes, shoes, accessories, but I’m so happy I don’t have to share a closet. I used to have space for clothes in the spare bedroom – and then we had a baby and she needed a closet for all of her clothes (future fashionistaaaa). I crammed everything from the spare bedroom closet into my closet and lately, I’ve been dreaming about how to make my closet more efficient. The obvious would be to clean out my closet – sell/donate/discard old clothes but what can I do to skirt around that? 😉

Thanks to our old house, my closet has slanted ceilings. There’s a hanging bar at the top of the slant and a hanging bar at the bottom of the slant (covered by the top bar). The bottom bar was good for hanging pieces I didn’t want to pack up in storage but it just wasn’t very accessible. The three-drawer plastic bin has been with me since college – moved from Ohio to Minnesota, back to Ohio, through multiple apartments and, to be honest, I’m cleaning it up and keeping it in baby’s closet for storage, lol. I found this closetmaid wood closet kit in an Ad and started to kick off the closet Reno. The closet kit came with a wood tower and three rods. Unfortunately, I was only able to use one bar, but it’s about the same size as the previous hanging bar and the shelving gave me more room for storage so it’s a win win. I’m not able to link the closet tower in the below widget, but here’s the exact link

I found this leopard wallpaper at Target. I wanted something neutral but with a fun girly print and it had to match our current dark gray walls in the bedroom. The wallpaper is a little more blue than it photographed online but it’s the perfect mix of everything I was looking for! I originally ordered one roll and went through that pretty quickly. I ordered a second roll and thank goodness Target has two day shipping so I didn’t have to wait long for the second roll. The wallpaper was the easiest way to cover all of the cracks and peeling paint in my closet. I ended up doing most of the ceiling and walls in my closet. I may still do the back wall because I have leftover wallpaper. TBD…

I’ve been finished with my closet for over a week and I can already see the clutter, lol! But that’s my reality and my closet looks 100% better than it did. I’ve also never color coded my clothes before. I’ve always paired like items with like items – long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. We’ll also see how long this color coding lasts. I see the appeal for aesthetics but I can’t say that it works for me.

Another home project done! We’ve also re-purposed our wedding seating chart for a stand up mirror, added window treatments, I hung my floppy hats on the wall, a faux olive tree, and next I’d like to replace our ceiling fan :). Linking my new bedroom items below! Next week I’ll be covering some wedding guest dress ideas for anyone who has Spring events upcoming.

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