The Best Transitional Midi Dress

It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the mid 60’s and some windy conditions. We were taking our one year old to the zoo on her birthday so I knew I’d be on my feet a ton! With this being one of the first (and rare) occasions leaving the house, I couldn’t wait to “dress up” aka get out of sweatpants! But, it was just a trip to the zoo – I couldn’t wear heels and a babydoll dress (or could I?). I knew these Nike Court Side Sneakers would be ideal for comfort and style. They’re still bright white since I never had many opportunities to wear them in 2020, ha!

This midi dress was the best choice because of the comfortable and lightweight material. The neutral color toned down the fact that I was wearing a dress to the zoo 🙂 Keep scrolling because this dress is ON SALE for $32 dollars!!

I love the versatility of this dress. It can be worn with sneaks and a Jean jacket – how I styled it for the occasion or can be dressed up with booties (like the web image) or heels and a leather jacket. You can add a felt hat. It’s all so cute!

The dress comes in three other colors and was part of the BFF Wayfair x Nordstrom launch between Dede (Dress Up Buttercup) and Emily (Champagne and Chanel). The Jean jacket I styled with the dress is also a launch from Dede’s “Detre” line in 2020.

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