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Hiiii! It’s been a couple of years. My bad.. My last post was all about my goals to blog more (Actually, it’s still in Draft mode – I never published it!). Then, I got engaged, I won an Instagram trip to meet the Backstreet Boys, I bought a house, I planned my wedding, honeymooned in Greece, Turned 30 and, most recently, I had a baby girl. As you can see from that list, I really didn’t have that many blogging opportunities, LOL! So fast forward to where I am today… We’re in a pandemic, I’m working from home with no plans to return to the office until June, and I’m ready to have some fun with this blog again! My shopping habits haven’t shifted all that much. Every weekend I find something to organize/paint/change in our house and I’ve got a ten month old to dress up, even when I’m not feeling like it! That should be enough fire content to keep you all interested 😉 The world seems a little heavy right now with the pandemic + current events. It’s affecting everyone in different ways. I want this platform to be a fun space – where we can laugh, share advice, fashion, home décor, swap baby/children pics/stories, and so much more. Cheers to a fresh start in 2021! I’m also slightly embarrassed that it’s mid January and we still have our Christmas tree up! In my defense… I ordered ornament storage on Amazon that should have delivered on the 6th… still waiting for that package 😊

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