Superbowl Sunday

Game day is finally here!! The Broncos are facing off against the Panthers and my whole family and I are rooting for them!

This has been a big weekend for me! My boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday so Friday night we celebrated with an amaaaazing dinner at The Pearl. Really, does Cameron Mitchell make a bad dish?? Bonus, The Pearl was celebrating their three year anniversary so we received a promo for a free appetizer on our next visit. Lamb meatball, we shall meet again soon…. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Saturday was another foodie day with lunch at Harvest pizza. It might be the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been to, but their pizza is To. Die! I ordered the Geary Street which was clams and garlic. Mind. Blown. What a strange combination of pizza but I would highly recommend it if you ever find yourself around German Village.
I digress…
I took the easy route with my Super Bowl spread. More finger foods than heavy food. I predict that I’ll be cheering on my Broncos too loudly to shovel food in my mouth anyway.
I used Pinterest to find this cracker, summer sausage, cheddar cheese, and ranch combo that is supposed to a football. I sliced the summer sausage and then used a shot glass (of all things) to make mini circles to fit onto the cracker. Same with the cheddar cheese slices. It didn’t look exactly like the Pinterest picture, but the effort was there! I poured some ranch into a sandwich bag and snipped a corner to create the laces. The laces later looked like blobs because the ranch ran together. ๐Ÿ˜’ again, I tried!
I wanted to serve beer from Denver, but couldn’t actually find any Denver breweries. I went for Anchor Steam, as its from San Fran and that’s where the Super Bowl is being held. It was second best to having a local Denver beer.
These orange chevron straws add some color to my spread. Not to mention United in Orange is the only way to be tonight! These cookies were from Giant Eagle bakery. They tasted exactly like chocolate donuts! Giant Eagle bakery never disappoints. I shop there for every holiday/occasion! Next up, Valentine’s Day…
I can’t wait for game time! Good luck to the Broncos!!

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