City Mouse Goes Country

If you know me, I think you’d find it hard to believe that I grew up on a farm.  It’s true.  My dad raised chickens, pheasants, guineas, and goats (I had a goat named Tabitha).  I wasn’t active in 4-H like most of my classmates,  and the most I did on the farm was help collect chicken eggs – and sold them to my teachers.  Once I left for college, I stayed in the city… for good!  They say Home is where the Heart is, and I think that will always be true.  Home is my place of escape.  Home is where I feel loved, relaxed, peace, and content.  Basically put, It’s where my heart is.  My parents moved from our farmhouse while I was in college, but we’re still surrounded by cornfields, farm land, and cow crossing signs.  No matter which house they live in, “Home is where the heart is”.

Chambray top – Abercrombie and Fitch
Midi skirt – EBAY
Necklace – Bauble Bar
Snakeskin Shoes – Target
Watch – Michael Koru

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